Thursday, December 11, 2008

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

UGO Movie Blog gathered a fact list on the third installment in the "Underworld" franchise.

"It is a prequel set prior to 'Underworld' and 'Underworld: Evolution,' covering the origins of some characters.
The prequel will trace the origins of the centuries-old blood feud between the aristocratic vampires and their onetime slaves, the Lycans. In the Dark Ages, a young Lycan named Lucian emerges as a powerful leader who rallies the werewolves to rise up against Viktor, the cruel vampire king who has enslaved them. Lucian is joined by his secret lover, Viktor’s daughter Sonja, in his battle against the Death Dealer army and his struggle for Lycan freedom."

December 2005: "Underworld: Evolution" director Len Wiseman explained that the Underworld franchise was originally conceived as a trilogy. Wiseman said, “We sort of mapped out an entire history and story… a massive collection of ideas and stories that we’re putting out at certain times.”

June 2006: Wiseman said, “The third film is going to be a prequel. It will be the origin story and we find out things we didn’t know about Lucian; he’ll have a much bigger part in it. It will be about the creation [of the races] and what started the war. It will be a period piece. The movie will also focus for the first time through the Lycans’ point of view.” The director also shared, “In terms of the writing, a lot of the writing has been done. We’ve been developing Underworld 3 for a while. I won’t be directing Underworld 3; I’m just going to be producing and writing.” When asked if Kate Beckinsale would reprise her role as Selene in the prequel, Wiseman said, “It will be in the time period before, but it will overlap into the creation of her as well. We’re in the process of seeing how far we go with that.”

There will NOT be any cameo in the film from Kate Beckinsale.

"Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" comes out Jan. 23, 2009!
More news to come! Catch ya' later!

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