Monday, December 1, 2008

Box Office results and news about this week

Thanksgiving came and gone! It stopped my posting for a few days, but now I'm back!
Movies coming out this Friday! Plot summaries thanks to IMDB!

Cadillac Records- A chronicle of the rise and fall of Chess Records, the Chicago-based record label founded by Leonard Chess (Brody), whose musical ear and business savvy helped foster the careers of Etta James (Knowles), Chuck Berry (Def), and other rhythm-and-blues pioneers.

Punisher: War Zone - Continuing his crusade to punish violent criminals, former FBI agent Frank Castle (Stevenson) arrives in New York to take on the city's underworld bosses.

Frost/Nixon (in NY/LA, wide release on 12/25) - BBC host David Frost interviews Richard Nixon in 1977, where the scandal-plagued President opens up about his role in the Watergate scandal.

Movies coming out on DVD!

Prince Caspian

Step Brothers
The x-Files: I Want to Believe

Box Office results for the past weekend!

1 Four Christmases$31.8 M

2 Bolt $26.6 M

3 Twilight $26.3 M

4 Quantum of Solace $19.5 M

5 Australia $14.8 M

6 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa $14.5 M

7 Transporter 3$12.3 M

8 Role Models $5.2 M

The holiday film "Four Christmases pulled an upset over the weekend, knocking "Twilight" off its perch. "Bolt" made even more money this weekend than on its opening weekend. Guess word has spread on how the film "Twilight" is. Bond stays alive and don't plan on seeing "Australia" as high on the list as it is now next week. "Transporter 3" is up there only because the fans of the previous movies helped it.

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