Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Movie News Mash 3

Another Mash of Movie News! This all could have been their own stories, but due to my computer troubles, I must make some cut backs!

"The Crow"

Stephen Norrington has signed on to write and direct a reinvention of “The Crow,” based on the comic created by James O’Barr.

Ed Pressman produced the 1994 Alex Proyas-directed screen transfer, in which rock musician Eric Draven is murdered trying to rescue his girlfriend from thugs, and returns from the dead one year later to exact vengeance. Though the original became a gothic-style hit that grossed nearly $100 million worldwide, it is primarily remembered for a tragic accident in which star Brandon Lee was killed during filming.

For Norrington, “The Crow” deal marks the end of a long screen sabbatical. After making his breakthrough with the Marvel Comics hero “Blade,” Norrington took on a big-budget comic transfer with “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.” Neither the director nor his star, Sean Connery, has made a film since.

Source: Latino Review

"Terminator 5"

Halcyon Co. toppers Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek are developing a fifth instalment of the man-vs.-machine franchise.

Helmer McG, who directed the upcoming fourth pic, "Terminator Salvation," is working with the Halcyon duo on the latest project.

When Anderson and Kubicek acquired the rights the lucrative "Terminator" franchise last year from previous owners C2, the former ad exec and banker envisaged the re-booted series as a trilogy. Christian Bale has signed on in the role of John Connor for all three roles. Newest pic is tentatively skedded for a 2011 release.

Source: Latino Review

"The Phantom Legacy"

"The Phantom" was a hero film that came out in 1996 and many did not like the film. What was originally thought to be a sequel, but is now confirmed to be a reboot, is in the works in Australia.

Bruce Sherlock, who was executive producer on the last "Phantom" movie and will also be producing "Legacy," believes this version will blow away the previous one.

“I, frankly, think that’s what was missing in the first ‘Phantom’ — we had a very limited budget,” Sherlock said. “It’s a better budget this time and also I just feel very comfortable with the script. I think we did it okay before, but I really, honestly, feel we can do it better. A lot better.”

Sherlock plans to keep the cast and crew of “The Phantom Legacy” a homegrown group, which he hopes will shine a light on Australia’s top film and creative talent. Already, he has tapped Australian Tim Boyle to write the script and possibly direct the film, and Boyle intends to focus the story on the father/son dynamic of “The Phantom.”

“The film will be set in the present day and will deal with the concept of destiny,” said Boyle.

Source: MTV Splashpage News

Watch the "X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer!"


bandito said...

So much stuff in this one...The Phantom you are talking about is the dude in purple that lives on an island and wears a ring (with magical significance) that gets passed down from generation to generation, right? And they are gonna make 3 more Terminators?! They are going crazy with it, aren't they? I so want to see the Wolverine movie!!!

Head Hero said...

You have "The Phantom" right on Bandito.
More Terminators!
Wolverine looks good, very good. And they finally have Gambit!