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Guillermo Del Toro Wants to Bring DC's 'Deadman' To Theaters

Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that Guillermo del Toro is set to produce an adaptation of the DC Comics character, "Deadman," for Warner Bros.

International director Nikolaj Arcel ("Island of Lost Souls") is reportedly set to helm DC/WB project.

In the DC Universe, Deadman is a circus trapeze artist named Boston Brand, who dresses up in a red suit and white makeup to perform under the stage name Deadman. When Brand is murdered while performing his act, his spirit is held over by the Hindu goddess Rama Kushna, who endows Brand’s ghost with the ability to possess living bodies. Rama Kushna’s decree: for Brand to use his new powers to hunt down his murderer(s) and obtain justice.

So far this Deadman film is being compared to "The Crow," which is little surprise, given the premise. However, unlike the Goth-themed Crow, Deadman is going to have a much tougher time finding an audience.

Will it be horror? The usual super hero origin? Or will we likely get the sort of scary/funny, visually stylized, supernatural action fare that Guillermo del Toro has made famous with his "Hellboy" films?

Del Toro being attached to this project is pretty much the only thing giving it any buzz right now. However, del Toro’s name is also currently attached to several high-profile projects (including "The Hobbit"), so how much effort he’ll have to lend to "Deadman" is unclear at this point.

The news about a possible "Deadman" film shouldn't be taken as concrete fact just yet, but a Del Toro take on the character is nevertheless an awesome prospect with only one obvious downside: what happens to the "Hellboy" franchise? Sure, Del Toro isn't directing "Deadman" himself, but does he have the ability to juggle two different comic book properties? If Del Toro moves forward with "Deadman," have we seen the last of "Hellboy"?

Would you rather Del Toro focus on "Deadman" or a third "Hellboy" movie?
More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: Screen Rant, MTV News

Stallone's 'Rambo 5' Gets the Greenlight

Variety reports that Nu Image/Millennium Films has greenlit "Rambo 5," with Sylvester Stallone starring and directing, repeating his duties from 2008's "Rambo." The storyline will revolve around Rambo fighting his way through human traffickers and drug lords to rescue a young girl abducted near the U.S.-Mexico border. Production will start in the spring after Stallone wraps up "The Expendables."

This is no real surprise as Stallone has talked about another one since the most recent "Rambo" hit back in September 2008 with a $113 million worldwide box-office take on a $50 million budget.

At the end of that movie he finally returns to his own home in the US. Not only is the story in this sequel relevant to today's troubles, but it works with the way that movie ended, which is thankfully a smart decision.

The first Rambo, titled "First Blood," hit in 1982, and was followed by "First Blood II" in 1985, and "Rambo III" in 1988. I'm sure this next installment will be as badass as all the others.

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: Screen Rant, First Showing, Rope of Silicon

Guillermo Del Toro On 'The Hobbit'

A number of rumors recently emerged regarding the big-screen adaptation of Tolkien's "The Hobbit," to be directed by Guillermo del Toro and produced by Peter Jackson.

The film was at one time going to be followed by a 'bridge movie' to fill in the undocumented years between the end of "The Hobbit" and the first film in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

But then it was decided to abandon the bridge film and instead split "The Hobbit" into two movies.

However, MarketSaw then heard from a source that the project would be filmed in 3-D and that there would be three movies - the two-part "Hobbit" PLUS the bridge film. Furthermore, this third segment would be directed by Peter Jackson.

There's also been talk online that Tom Cruise, "Doctor Who" actor David Tennant or "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe would play the lead role of Bilbo Baggins.

Guillermo del Toro spoke to and said: "As a co-writer and director of this film (who works with the design teams, costume teams, creature teams, VFX teams every day of the week), let me be very clear one more time: we are not talking about 3-D, we are NOT writing the screenplay for 3-D right now.

"We are hiring my Director of Photography Guillermo Navarro to shoot the film and we are not discussing 3-D with him either or with WETA digital or WB or anyone else.

"That should be a little less sidestepping, I hope. If after -Avatar- the market may change and demands are put upon us, etc that is in the future. But make no mistake, I've been living in NZ for almost a year now and we have not been discussing 3-D."

He added: "And no - neither David Tennant nor Tom Cruise are Bilbo and we are not redesigning Gollum."
So what about Daniel Radcliffe? The actor himself spoke to The L.A. Times, saying: "I'd have to say, 'Thanks but no thanks,' not that anyone has asked me.

"Honestly, I don't think they would want me anyway, it's just too close. Whatever I do next, I don't think there will be any wizards in it!"

And on the subject of three films, including that bridge movie, Latino Review asked del Toro and he replied: "All speculation, really and some of it quite wild and inventive."

It’s interesting to note that Guillermo Navarro is going to be the Director of Photography for "The Hobbit," which will give it a bit of a different look and feel to the "LOTR" trilogy (which had Andrew Lesnie as the Cinematographer). Navarro has worked with del Toro since the start of his feature-length filmmaking career with "Cronos," and has worked on other such projects as "Jackie Brown," "Desperado," "From Dusk Till Dawn" and "Spawn."

The script for "The Hobbit" Parts 1 and 2 is still being worked on, and we’re a long way away from the actual release, so the amount of rumors and speculation is not only understandable but inevitable. Until we get a bit closer to the finished product, we can expect even more of these rumors, and it’s nice to see the director taking time out of his hectic schedule to keep us informed.

Part 1 of "The Hobbit" is scheduled to hit theaters in December, 2011, with Part 2 following a year later in December, 2012.

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: Screen Rant, The Geek Files

'Bad Boys 3' On The Way

With Michael Bay off making giant robot movies, Will Smith solidifying himself as one of the most bankable movie stars on Earth, and Martin Lawrence, well… still acting, it would be understandable if there was never a third installment in the "Bad Boys" series. However, by way of The Hollywood Reporter, comes news that not only has Columbia started to develop a "Bad Boys 3" but has already signed a screenwriter to it.

Columbia has hired newcomer Peter Craig, who wrote Ben Affleck's "The Town" and is also writing the "Cowboy Bebop" movie, to write the "Bad Boys 3" screenplay. The hope is to have a script which will reunite director Michael Bay, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and stars, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

THR's Borys Kit writes saying all parties have expressed a willingness to return if a story can be hammered out, but one potential hurdle would be the price to make that happen.

Pretty much with all of them (except maybe Lawrence), there comes an expensive price tag attached. As stated, Smith is about the only true bankable movie star in the business (his last 8 movies have all surpassed the $100 million mark), and by now Bay is used to getting huge paychecks and collecting percentages of money from toy merchandising.

The first two films, released in 1995 and 2003, earned $414,746,580 worldwide and featured Smith and Lawrence as Miami detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett as they run around Miami destroying everything in sight all to slow motion and helicopters.

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: Screen Rant, Rope of Silicon, First Showing

'Halloween 3-D' Will Hit Next Summer

Ben Fritz at The Los Angeles Times reports this morning that while Rob Zombie's "Halloween II" fell $9 million short of the previous installment and came in third to "The Final Destination" (which is in 3-D) and Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" in its holdover weekend, that doesn't mean Dimension is done with the franchise.

2009 is the year to push 3-D cinema on the mainstream audiences, owing much of its inital push to "Avatar" buzz. Even if that wasn't enough, "Monsters & Aliens" this year came with a big push to install more 3-D theaters in the US while "Up" and "Coraline" proved that the format can be used subtly in a dramatic way.

January's "My Bloody Valentine," also a 3-D horror feature, did slightly better in cinemas with a 3-D screen, making 6.4 times more money than 2-D only venues. The message seems clear to Bob Weinstien, co-Chairman of The Weinstien Company: horror fans will come out for 3-D showings opening weekend.

With that data behind him, Weinstien has announced that "Halloween 3-D" is in development for a summer 2010 release.

Wasn't "Halloween 2" the 'conclusion' of Rob Zombie's vision of Michael Meyers?

There is a new director developing "H3-D." All Weinstien would say was that it was a director with horror experience and said helmer will have a "different take" on the franchise.

Hopefully that doesn't mean another reboot.
More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: Rope of Silicon, Latino Review

Disney Buys Marvel, What Happens Next?

Disney today acquired Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion in stock and cash.

American company Marvel Entertainment has a toy division and various overseas businesses, along with subsidiaries including Marvel Publishing, which publishes Marvel Comics; and film and TV production business Marvel Studios, which has already released "Iron Man" and "The Incredible Hulk" and is working on "Iron Man 2," "Captain America," "Thor" and "Avengers."

Disney chief executive Bob Iger said: "Adding Marvel to Disney's unique portfolio of brands provides significant opportunities for long-term growth and value creation."

Marvel shareholders would receive a total of $30 per share in cash plus approximately 0.745 Disney shares for each Marvel share they own.

Under the deal, Walt Disney Co. will acquire ownership of Marvel including its more than 5,000 Marvel characters, including "The Fantastic Four," "Spider-Man," the "X-Men," "The Incredible Hulk" and "Iron Man," all of which have been turned into highly valuable feature film franchises.

Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter will remain responsible for deciding where Marvel properties show up within the Disney world, including video games, online content and television.
Iger stated that along with internal discussions about developing synergy between Marvel and Disney properties, there have also been meetings between Pixar and Marvel about potential projects.

"The group got pretty excited pretty fast," said Iger. "Sparks will fly."

Presumably this will NOT mean we are going to see Spider-Man meeting Mickey Mouse; Snow White and the X-Men; or Beauty and the Hulk...

One problem is that Marvel doesn't currently own the film rights to a few of there major heroes. 20th Century Fox has "X-Men," "Fantastic Four" and "Daredevil;" Universal has "Namor the Sub-Mariner;" and Sony has "Spider-Man" and "Ghost Rider."

Disney will continue to honor Marvel's third-party deals with 20th Century Fox, Sony and Paramount, but will look to bring everything in-house as those deals expire.

"It clearly would be in our best interest if we ended up as the sole distributor," Disney CEO Robert Iger said during a conference call this morning. "When you distribute your own films, the opportunity is even better."
Many superhero fans have for some time been vocal about wanting Marvel to regain control of all its characters so that film adaptations are as respectful of the comic book source material as possible.

Whether Disney will be able to claw back those rights remains to be seen, but it will no doubt be one of the main hopes of the fan community.

Others fear that Disney's ownership and control will have a negative impact on the Marvel superhero world.

According to PaidContent, you shouldn't expect any big changes regarding Marvel's theme park presence. Disney CFO Tom Staggs said the company wouldn't be making “some distinct and separate effort” when it comes to setting up something like a specific section in Disney theme parks or standalone Marvel parks.

The boards of Disney and Marvel have both approved the transaction, but it requires an anti-trust review and the approval of Marvel shareholders.

I don’t see there being any problem with the anti-trust review nor do I see the marvel shareholders turning up their noses to such a fantastic offer. Most likely, later this week, we should see final word on the resolution of this agreement.
So what does this mean to comic books fans? Well, it could be both very good and very bad at the same time. Let’s look at some quick pros and cons shall we?

Pro - Disney is a universal name with very deep pockets. Marvel is no slouch either in the household name department - but let’s face it, they are no Disney. All that extra money means way more marketing and increased traffic within the theme parks.

Con - With movies like "Iron Man 2," "Spider-man 4," "The Incredible Hulk 2," "Thor ," "The Avengers" and "Captain America" on the horizon, what does this mean for their development? "Iron Man 2" is already in full swing so I doubt we see any type of delay with that one, but with no other pre-production or principle photography under way on some other films, could we see some eventual delay(s)?

The comics community has reacted to the deal with quite a bit of skepticism thus far, but word from the Marvel camp is that the deal could open more doors than it closes for the so-called "House of Ideas."

What do you think of this tremendous event in Marvel/Disney history? Does this herald good things for some of our favorite superheroes or is the partnership a bad sign for the comic book publisher?

And that's just the tip of the iceberg—more and more questions will emerge as news of this partnership sinks in.

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Box Office Results and Weekly Movie News

Movies coming out this week!

Gamer - Set in a future-world where humans can control other humans in mass-scale, multi-player online gaming environments, a star player (Butler) from a game called "Slayers" looks to regain his independence while taking down the game's mastermind (Hall).

Extract - The owner of a flower-extract plant (Bateman), tries to contend with myriad personal and professional problems, such as his potentially unfaithful wife (Wiig), a hot new temp (Kunis), and employees who want to take advantage of him.

Carriers - Four young people speed across the Southwestern U.S. in a desperate attempt to outrun a viral pandemic. Over the course of a few days, tough moral decisions will have to be made if they have any chance at survival.

All About Steve - After Mary Horowitz (Bullock) has one date with a CNN cameraman (Cooper), the brilliant crossword-puzzle constructor decides the hunk is her true love. While she alienates him by trailing him all over the country, she falls in with a crew of misfits who appreciate her eccentric nature.

Movies coming out on DVD and Blu-ray!

State of Play


Box Office results for the weekend!

1 The Final Destination$28.3 M

2 Inglorious Basterds $20.0 M

3 Halloween II $17.4 M

4 District 9 $10.7 M

5 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra $8.0 M

6 Julie & Julia $7.4 M

7 The Time Traveler's Wife $6.7 M

8 Shorts $4.8 M

9 Taking Woodstock $3.7 M

10 G-Force $2.8 M

Clearly the 3-D helped "Final Destination" make its way to the top (paying that extra money helps them, not you). The big question is can survive until next weekend? Probably not.

"Inglourious Basterds" actually is doing well and shows off its staying power. People like Tarantino.

Maybe not Rob Zombie so much because "Halloween 2" failed to deliver on its predecessor (which may be the real reason this movie failed since people didn't like it).

Other films keep falling except for the other opening last weekend, "Taking Woodstock." It didn't have a spectacular opening because hippies have kind of died out, but Woodstock lives forever.

Next weekend I expect "Gamer" to dominate only because of the rise of video games.

Rose McGowan Still Planning to be in 'Red Sonja'

In June, executive producer Joe Gatta assured us that the "Red Sonja" film project was still alive and said it would be filmed next year.

Rose McGowan was cast in the title role of the Marvel Comics warrior heroine, who began as a secondary character in a "Conan the Barbarian" comic and is known as the 'she devil with a sword.'

The film was announced in 2008 and was set to film that year. But then McGowan split up with Robert Rodriguez, who was producing the movie (which will be directed by his long-time associate Douglas Aarniokoski), and the economy took a nosedive. It led to the movie being put on hold.

McGowan, who's since got back together with Rodriguez, has been speaking about her involvement with the project on her Twitter page.

She admits she had earlier dropped out of the film for 'personal reasons' - probably her break-up with Rodriguez.

First she explained: "Just this once I'll address questions about 'Red Sonja' & others I was meant to do in 2008. Major personal & private reasons I pulled out. Starting to want to work again. Sometimes real life f***ing sucks. That's all. God bless us survivors."

And then she elaborated: "I am still contracted to do 'Red Sonja.' Hopefully filming in 2010 not 2009.

"To clarify press reports: 'Red Sonja' is delayed. I pulled out of doing it in '09. Not permanently. Hopefully will follow 'Conan.'"

The new "Red Sonja" film had been intended to go into production before the big-screen "Conan" remake, now being directed by Marcus Nispel after Brett Ratner was unable to do it.

Hopefully the "Conan" remake will be successful enough to get more production done for "Red Sonja." This film won't be out for another 3-4 years at least.
More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: The Geek Files

'Avatar' May Be Sued Over Visual Similarities to 'Delgo'

James Cameron's sci-fi flick "Avatar" has been marketed on its thrilling 3-D CGI visuals and hailed as the future of filmmaking, but it looks like another movie did it all before.

In 2008, the animated fantasy "Delgo" bombed at the box office with the worst opening weekend on record. The $4 0million movie opened with just $512,000. It was pulled from cinemas after only a week on release, making a total of just $695,000 in the USA.

But Cameron's much-anticipated "Avatar" bears a remarkable resemblance to the movie, so much so that "Delgo's" makers Fathom Studios are considering a lawsuit.

"From what we have seen, we are amazed by the visual similarities between the two films," Atlanta-based Fathom Studios said in a press release. "We are considering what legal options may be available to us."
The lawsuit idea originally came from S.T. VanAirsdale's piece at Movieline headlined "The 7 Eeriest Parallels Between Avatar and Delgo." In it, VanAirsdale compares the two films by stating each has heroic male leads who run through the woods, tough but emotional female leads, the female leads flying on creatures, aircraft zooming through floating rocks, big monsters threatening the heroes, alien warriors shouting battle cries and a love story.

Cameron has claimed his film has been in the planning stages since the late 90s, although production did not officially begin until 2006. However, the creators of "Delgo" reportedly posted concept imagery on their website as far back as 1998.
It's been pointed out by some that Fox, the distributor for "Avatar," is also distributing "Delgo" on DVD (it came out on August 4) and that this may be just a cynical marketing ploy.

You can see some "Delgo" vs. "Avatar" comparison shots above, and the rest at this Web site. What do you think?

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: The Geek Files

'Green Hornet' Delayed Again!

This isn't surprising. When Stephen Chow announced that he wouldn't be starring as Kato in Seth Rogen and Michel Gondry's adaptation of "The Green Hornet," they didn't move the release date even though they are mere weeks away from the beginning of principal photography.

It's a large-scale movie compared to films that can be rushed. Not to mention that "The Green Hornet" isn't necessarily one of those properties that is going to have audiences flooding in to see it without the right marketing push. The older audience who remember "The Green Hornet" are not the same people that classify themselves Seth Rogen fans.

Regardless, it looked like "The Green Hornet" was going to be rushed, and this after Sony moved the release date once already. The planned release for the film was on June 25, 2010, but Sony's Adam Sandeler comedy "Grown Ups" moved into that slot and pushed "The Green Hornet" to July 25 where it would have to face off against "Despicable Me" and possibly "Predators."

Box Office Mojo reports "The Green Hornet" will now release on December 17, 2010 instead of the previously announced July 7, 2010 date. got in touch with Rogen regarding the change and it seems the move is purely a marketing strategy allowing for the film to have a Comic Con 2010 appearance.

"We're both relieved and psyched about the change," Rogen said. "It gives more time for post, which would have been immensely rushed if we were to come out in the summer. It also affords us more time to promote the film, (now we can go to Comic-Con with more than a car!) and ultimately is a great vote of confidence from the studio. We got the same date that movies like 'I Am Legend' and 'Avatar' are getting, so we're thrilled to be there."

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: Latino Review, Rope of Silicon, Hitfix

Kate Beckinsale Not Sure About 'Underworld 4'

I'm starting to get confused on all the "Underworld 4" news popping up in the past month. First it was that "Underworld 4" would be coming our way in 3-D, and later that it would launch a second trilogy. We also heard the good news that it would bring back the star of the franchise, Kate Beckinsale, into her death-dealing role of Selene, the leather-clad vampire gunslinger.

At a Beverly Hills press conference for her upcoming thriller, "Whiteout," Beckinsale was asked about her involvement in the next "Underworld" installment and she said that she had not signed on for another movie yet.

“I don’t know anything about a '4th Underworld.' I don’t know anything about that at this point.”

Kate was then asked to clarify if she knew anything about "Underworld 4."

“I know they have…it was always conceived as a trilogy, which I was never going to be in the third one. I think if they came up with an amazing script I wouldn’t be adverse to it. But it’s not planned or anything.”

So she admits to knowing about it and would do it if the script’s good. What about a trilogy of new films?

“God, three whole more!”

“I don’t think my daughter needs to see my bottom in rubber for another ten years. But I don’t know, I’ve heard they’re talking about a 4th one, but I don’t know if that’s officially happening or it’s that a rumor. As far as I’m concerned it’s just a rumor.”

I still expect her to return to the role. She’s completed filming "Everybody’s Fine" with Robert De Niro and only has one other project ("April 23") listed in development. The franchise needs to bring back the star and she doesn’t have much else on her plate.

Fans want to see her back, the studio would like her back, the film will make an easy profit and it will giver her some more stardom - Wins all around.

As we said earlier, there’s no official confirmation either way on this yet, but "Underworld 4" does have an official release date of January 21, 2011.

Check out Kate Beckinsale in "Whiteout," opening September 11, 2009.
The trailer for it is below and the only good part of it is when Beckinsale is in the shower (oh, now you really want to watch it, don't you?).

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: Screen Rant

Friday, August 28, 2009

Plot Details Revealed for 'POTC 4'

Hollywood Elsewhere has supposedly confirmed the premise of "Pirates pf the Caribbean 4." The plot is said to be “locked in” at this point.

The film might be good because it can go in an entirely different direction than the previous films in the franchise. But we could just as easily end up with another "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" regarding the plot (the rumored plot points are very similar).

"POTC 4" will again center on Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and Co., this time as they search for the fabled Fountain of Youth. At the same time, a “Captain Nemo” style villain outfitted with advanced (for pirate times) technology tries to beat them to the punch.

Hollywood Elsewhere
has made the early claim that this new villain adds a sort of steampunk element to the story. Frankly, after all the pirates/magic/monsters nonsense of "Dead Man’s Chest" and "At World’s End," I would welcome a little steampunk tech into the Pirates universe. However, like what was mentioned earlier, that kind of angle - old world meets new - leaves the film vulnerable to "Crystal Skull" syndrome.

If George Lucas had had his way early on in pre-production, "Indy 4" would’ve centered on a Fountain of Youth plot. See where the similarities now lie? Though Indiana Jones and Jack Sparrow are completely different characters, both are set in past time periods and both find mystical objects.

What made "Curse of the Black Pearl" so good was that it stood well by itself (a complete and uncomplicated story that was well told and hit all the right notes). It really was an adventure in the same vein of "Raiders of the Lost Ark."
If the filmmakers don’t try to overextend themselves, "POTC 4" could reclaim some of the lost glory of the franchise. I wonder if leaving Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom out of the film will actually help make the new movie better.

"Pirates of the Caribbean 4" is rumored to start shooting next year with "Chicago" director Rob Marshall supposedly directing.

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: Screen Rant

'Spawn' Cartoon Will Return

Even as Todd McFarlane concentrates on his live-action "Spawn" screenplay, McFarlane still wants to see his caped hero return to animation.

The delay of "Spawn" returning to animation has been because of legal issues, but those unspecified hurdles may be out of the way now as the Image Comics co-founder and toy company chief looks forward to next year.

"For those that've asked, the 'Spawn' animated show will be back in Hollywood's face in 2010," McFarlane posted on Twitter. "Legal issues delayed it past few years."

"Spawn" already saw a three-season run on HBO in animated form, where the title anti-hero was voiced by actor Keith David, but has been on hiatus from the 'toon world since 1999. A decade later McFarlane is eyeing a return, but precisely what form that takes will remain to be seen.

Previously, McFarlane named Leonardo DiCaprio as his first choice as a lead actor in his R-rating-worthy screenplay, but he hasn't yet tweeted if he'd like to see a continuation of the HBO series or a complete reboot.

Would you like the new animated series continue where the HBO show left off or start the story of "Spawn" over again?

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: MTV News

'Magdalena' Screenwriter Interview

Last we heard about the film "Magdalena," the upcoming adaptation of the Top Cow property, it had landed "Midnight Meat Train" director Ryƻhei Kitamura to helm the project, with "The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations" writer Holly Brix penning the screenplay.

Chronicling the adventures of a direct descendant of Mary Magdalene who protects the world against evil using a variety of supernatural powers, "Magdalena" already has its stars in "Step Up" actress Jenna Dewan (playing the heroine, Patience) and "Hellboy II" actor Luke Goss (playing Patience's mentor, Kristof).

MTV News had the chance to interview Brix about the current status of the script.
Here are some highlights:

Is there a particular storyline you have in mind for the film? Is there a certain arc you’ve identified for adapting?

Obviously, I read all the comics and we talked about different versions of the story, but the one I found most compelling was Patience—her arc in becoming the Magdalena. We decided to focus the movie on her. It’s the transfer of power from her mother’s reign as the Magdalena to hers.

The comparison everyone’s making with the film is that it’s a mix of “The DaVinci Code” and various action movies like “Wanted.” Is that a fair comparison for what you’re planning?

I do. It’s definitely a supernatural action movie, so I think ‘DaVinci Code’ is a good reference as far as all the Catholicism in it. But in addition to that story, it’s also a really straightforward action movie.

There’s not a lot of secret codes to unlock and that sort of thing.

Magdalena made more than a few cameos in other Top Cow comics, and various Top Cow characters made cameos in her stories. Any of that happening in the movie?

You never know. At this point, we haven’t worked that in, but we’re certainly adding a lot of elements that weren’t in the source material. I know in the Top Cow universe, she appears in the other comics and vice versa, so I think there could be an opportunity for that. But right now, nothing is set in stone.

Action movies with female leads have had a rough time finding an audience in the past. Are you worried about that with “Magdalena”?

The movie’s never really been a female action movie, because of Kristof. It’s more of a two-hander. He’s a huge character in it. He’s definitely her mentor and fights right alongside her and teaches her everything she knows.

They go the whole movie together. He doesn’t drop out somewhere along the way.

We always envisioned it as a two-hander. she’s the one with the superpowers—the supernatural element of the story is her—but he’s definitely right there alongside her the whole film, so it could easily be considered his film as well.
So is it more of a “buddy cop”-style film?

Well, there’s not really a romantic storyline. They’re pursuing the same objective, and I don’t want to say it’s like ‘48 Hours,’ but it is sort of like that. They both have arcs, they’re both right in the foreground, and I consider the story both of theirs.

We’re definitely trying to set it apart from some of the other movies where they haven’t had that compelling male lead, too.

So do you have an ETA for the script and when production might start?

We’ll probably have a draft done within six weeks, and then hopefully we’ll get financing pretty quickly and can start setting a date for when we can shoot this. I think everyone’s committed to having a quick turnaround.

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: MTV News

Japanese Trailer for '2012'

Don't worry English speakers. The trailer is still in English and perfectly understandable. That is a good thing too because this international trailer for Roland Emmerich's new film "2012" reveals a little bit more of the story (and some new footage to boot).

I'm excited for this, even if it is stupid that their car or airplane is being chased by an earthquake or volcano, but that's what makes this pure escapist fun.

"2012" hits theaters Nov. 13.
More news to come! Catch ya' later!

'The Blob' Retuns With Rob Zombie

After reviving the "Halloween" franchise, Rob Zombie will next reinvent "The Blob."

Zombie's deal to make "The Blob" his next film comes as Dimension opens "Halloween II," the Zombie-directed sequel to his 2007 hit "Halloween."

Zombie will write, direct and produce the remake which centers on an object from space that crashes into a field, containing a red blob-like substance that absorbs the humans it contacts and grows exponentially. Zombie is said to be a fan of the original, but the Variety report says his version will be much different.

"My intention is not to have a big red blobby thing -- that's the first thing I want to change," Zombie said. "That gigantic Jello-looking thing might have been scary to audiences in the 1950s, but people would laugh now."

Zombie will produce with Genre Company’s Richard Saperstein and Brian Witten, original Blob producer Jack H. Harris, and Judith Parker Harris of Worldwide Entertainment Corporation. Financing is said to be in place to create an R-rated film that will cost around $30 million.

"I'd been looking to break out of the horror genre, and this really is a science fiction movie about a thing from outer space," Zombie said. "I intend to make it scary, and the great thing is I have the freedom once again to take it in any crazy direction I want to."

Zombie has begun writing. He'll follow the release of "Halloween II" with a new album and tour this fall and get the script done at that time.
And if this doesn't turn your brain into a blob I don't know what will. While I agree with Zombie to some extent, what will a remake of "The Blob" be without, well, a blob? Zombie has already discredited himself with original "Halloween" fans by reducing Michael to nothing more than a prototypical serial killer. Modifying the origin of a character is one thing, but dispatching with a signature titular monster altogether is something else. And "The Blob" was already remade in the 80's anyway.

And this movie is horror. It's not a science fiction movie. Just because it comes from outer space doesn't automatically make it a science fiction movie. You wouldn't categorize "The Thing" under 'science fiction'. This will be another horror movie.

Do you want to see a new "Blob" helmed by Rob Zombie?
More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: Variety, Latino Review, Rope of Silicon, First Showing

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stuntman Talks 'Iron Man 2,' 'Tintin,' 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Avatar'

Garrett Warren was recently crowned the 2009 Stunt Choreographer of the Year at the Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards, and he sat down for an exclusive interview with Movieline to describe what it’s like working on films like "Tintin," "Alice In Wonderland," James Cameron’s "Avatar," and being Mickey Rourke's lead stunt double in "Iron Man 2."

“'Iron Man 2' had a double-whip sequence, and I am a whip specialist. There’s not very many of us in Hollywood that do double-whips… double-whip basically means that you have two whips in your hands…I don’t know if I’m at liberty to say what the whips will look like, but they’re going to be these super whips that have an awful lot of power. They can cut through cars, they can do an awful lot of damage…you’ll see that he doesn’t do just whip-cracks and grabbing people. He lays waste to an awful lot of vehicles and street pieces and other things…

…And when it comes to the whip routine, I have to admit, Mickey Rourke did a really good job with the whips. However, the suit was very painful at times. It was this big metal piece that wasn’t very comfortable, so he didn’t always want to do the whip routines every take. So I’d go in and do the whip routines…

…[the suit] covers the whole body in metal rods, but you are shirtless [underneath]. That was the part that was hard. When you move, it was metal digging into skin, cutting your shoulders, wrists and back and so forth.”
Warren also described the look of "The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn" and how how amazing the digital effects are.

"We did a test for it two years before we shot it, and when we did the test it was fun and interesting. But oh my gosh — when we finally saw the movie, it was amazing. The stuff that Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson came up with, the performances of Daniel Craig, Jamie Bell, Simon Pegg, Andy Serkis — oh my goodness. You cannot imagine what those guys can do to words on a page. It’s one of the better movies that people are going to see, especially when it comes to being an animated movie

...It looks an awful lot like the cartoon. They really wanted to bring the cartoon to life. So if you know the cartoon, or have seen the books, that’s what it looks like. It’s beautiful. You would have thought to yourself that they would have tried to go for a more realistic look, but they’re actually trying to preserve the look and essence of the original Tintin characters."

He also described what stunts actors might do and used Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" and Johnny Depp as examples.

" get to a movie like 'Alice in Wonderland,' and Johnny Depp says, 'I only really want to do the stunts that are necessary for me. Anything that you don’t need to see me in, I prefer to let the stunt double do it.' Those are the kinds of stunts — where you’ll be falling down some stairs, or falling off a chair — that while they might not seem like big stunts, they hurt your actor. And that sets you back production-wise. It’s always good to see someone who is professional who thinks ahead and realizes that it’s not a big deal to see someone fall on the ground."
And finally, Warren described what it was like to work with James Cameron on "Avatar."

"'Avatar' was one of the most uplifting, educational, incredible experiences I’ve ever had as a movie maker. Jim Cameron is truly a genius. Aside from him being a genius, he’s also a storyteller that you cannot deny — one of the greatest you’re going to find out there. And he takes the time with the actors, too. He doesn’t rush them at all. And he really cares about what they have to say, how they’re going to perform it, and he gives them the time to work it out before they even do the scene. I was truly impressed by him and the movie. The marriage of green screen, live action, and motion capture was truly one of the most painstaking efforts I’ve ever had to do when it comes to a motion capture, but in the long run, I think it paid off. You’ll see some of the most realistic motion capture, if not the most realistic, the movie industry has ever seen."

He does say a lot of good things about these films (but he probably get paid a lot for what he does).

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: MTV News, Screen Rant, Movieline

'Terminator Salvation' Director's Cut is Rated R

For fans who were upset that "Terminator Salvation" wasn’t R-Rated, you can now rest easy: a Rated-R version of the film is said to be coming to DVD and Blu-ray soon.

There was some fan backlash before "Terminator Salvation" came out due to the film being PG-13 instead of R, with some people being extremely upset that it wasn’t a hardcore action movie like the first two were, while others didn’t think the PG-13 rating was an issue. The Director’s Cut of "Terminator Salvation" has been labelled by the MPAA as “R” for “some violence,” and, “brief nudity,” with the latter probably being the inclusion of a reported scene of star Moon Bloodgood removing her top that wasn’t included in the theatrical version.

I don’t think this DVD/Blu-ray version will be drastically different to the one we saw in theaters except for being 5 minutes longer (at the most). Only time will tell to find out the full details on the different cuts and if this change will make sales for the DVD/Blu-ray go up.

What do you think about the Director’s Cut of the fourth Terminator getting an R-Rating? Does it sound to you like it will be that much different from the theatrical version?

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: Screen Rant

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

'Jennifer's Body' Featurette

A new featurette on Megan Fox's new film "Jennifer's Body" has surfaced. It basically reveals the plot of the film and the motivations behind the key characters.

Does this make you want to see this movie more than you already did or are you just turned off from this film (but not from Megan Fox).

More news to come! Catch ya' later!

Meet the Villain from 'The Princess and the Frog'

The last featurette on "The Princess and the Frog" was on the princess herself, but this one focuses on the villain, Dr. Facilier, played by Keith David.

In the video, supervising animator Bruce Smith ("The Proud Family,"Bebe's Kids") discusses the character of Dr. Facilier, the villain of the film, and how voice actor Keith David influences the animators work and the character’s performance. David is shown performing and being directed by John Musker and Ron Clements. There are also some brief bits of pencil tests and color footage that hasn’t appeared anywhere else on the web.

Are you excited to see Disney return to hand-drawn animation with this new movie?
"The Princess and the Frog" hits theaters December 11.

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: Cartoon Brew

'xXx 3' Gets a New Director

The Hollywood Reporter states that a new director has been found for xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, the third installment in Columbia Pictures’ action series. Last year both star Vin Diesel and Rob Cohen (director of the first installment) agreed to join forces for a third film, but in June this year Cohen bailed to direct "Medieval." The new director is Ericson Core ("Invincible"), who’s worked with Diesel before as the Cinematographer on "The Fast and the Furious."

Diesel starred in the original "xXx" back in 2002, but both he and director Cohen skipped the second film, "xXx: State of the Union," starring Ice Cube and directed by Lee Tamahori.

Diesel was a hot name in Hollywood at the time of "xXx," but for some reason he thought it best to skip both the sequel and two of the "Fast and the Furious" sequels in order to concentrate on "The Chronicles of Riddick." After that came the financial failure "Babylon A.D." and the family comedy "The Pacifier."

Diesel has now turned his sights back on the franchises that gave him relative success in the first place, first with "Fast & Furious" earlier this year and now with "xXx 3" (there’s also rumblings of a new Riddick movie, too). The third film will see Diesel’s “action man” Xander Cage return to the National Security Agency after an eight-year hiatus.

What do you think about a third "xXx" movie and the new director?

"xXx: The Return of Xander Cage" currently has an aimed production start date of sometime early next year, and doesn’t have a release date yet.

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: Screen Rant

'Batman 3' To Be Fully Shot In IMAX?

Chris Nolan gave moviegoers a taste of what specially shot IMAX footage could do for superhero films when he used the format for a few key scenes of "The Dark Knight." Now, a breaking rumor indicates that Nolan may be considering a total IMAX approach as he heads into his third Batman installment.

Harry Knowles posted a very interesting story on Ain’t It Cool News about what could happen with the eagerly anticipated "Batman 3."

In Harry’s own words,

“The THIRD chapter of Christopher Nolan’s Caped Crusader’s saga could very well be FULLY shot in IMAX, not IMAX Digital - but the beautiful, stunning IMAX that we saw pieces of THE DARK KNIGHT in.”

Nolan has taken a break between each Batman movie to reset his creative mind, but in this case, it may be also to create some custom IMAX cameras for his use later. He may be developing new cameras and techniques during work on his most recent film "Inception," tinkering with specifications that could be used when he returns to the Caped Crusader and Gotham City.

This isn’t confirmed yet and this simply could be something that doesn’t end up working out because of the complications and costs of doing this for a large-scale full feature film.

Would you like to see "Batman 3" entirely in IMAX?
More news to come! Catch ya'later!
Sources: Screen Rant, MTV News

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can the Economy Delay 'Green Lantern'?

Production Weekly reports that production on "Green Lantern," the Ryan Reynolds-headlining superhero film from Warner Bros. and DC Comics, is currently in jeopardy due to the financial climate in Australia, where the film is currently pegged to shoot.

"['Green Lantern's'] proposed Australian shoot is understood to be under threat after the rising Australian dollar has blown out production costs," reports Production Weekly's Twitter feed.

If the rising dollar in Australia is preventing "Green Lantern" from getting made, why doesn't Warner Bros. simply change the shooting location? Well, that might be easier said than done.

A film of "Green Lantern" size is likely to pick its city very carefully, sizing up tax incentives and other monetary factors in order to make production as cost-effective as possible. So, while the movie could technically relocate, it probably couldn't do so without delaying production. "Green Lantern" has already changed dates once before from December 2010 to June 2011, and should a location change occur, it's entirely possible that the film could see yet another release date shift.

Assuming that "Green Lantern" does get delayed, what does that mean for "Deadpool," the other superhero project with Reynolds' name attached to it? Might a potential delay on "Green Lantern" require another actor to assume the role of Wade Wilson? If his ability to juggle both characters wasn't in question before, it certainly could be now.

Will the film be delayed because of the rising Australian dollar and if the film is delayed again, how will that affect Reynolds' involvement as Deadpool?

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: MTV News

Plot Details Revealed for 'Inception'

Up until this point we haven't known anything at all about the plot of Christopher Nolan's new action movie "Inception," besides that it's sci-fi and "set within the architecture of the mind." The first teaser trailer hit yesterday but still left everyone with questions, as it was short and very vague. However, Kris Tapley at In Contention has revealed some actual plot details for "Inception" that come directly from the screenplay.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays Cobb, a "CEO-type" of a company that has designed a way to enter people's dreams. He is also somewhat of a criminal, using that ability to extract and implant information.

Ellen Page plays Ariadne, a young college student studying in Paris who is a part of Cobb’s team (along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Arthur and Tom Hardy’s Eames). Cobb’s team actually “creates” the dreams and Ariadne is an “architect” of the them. She engineers them.

When Cobb’s team enters the dreams, it is not via a machine such as “The Matrix." It is via injection, and the technology can easily be transported in a suitcase, which means they can do it almost anywhere.

Cillian Murphy stars as Fischer, a business-type who is soon to become the head of a company. Cobb’s team is attempting to insert an idea into Fischer’s mind to compel him to separate the company into two smaller companies.

Ken Watanabe plays Saito, a character blackmailing Cobb. Beyond that, and to stay out of spoiler territory, no one is really sure what his involvement or motive is, but he is the closest to a villain in the movie. Additionally, Marion Cotillard plays Cobb's wife, who causes trouble for Cobb in the film.

The film will not be typical sci-fi fare at all. It is set in the real world, present day. And virtually all of the “action” scenes take place in the dream environment. This should go a long way toward explaining the “Your mind is the scene of the crime” tagline that accompanied the trailer. Ultimately it seems like a grounded, more tangible blend of “Minority Report” and “The Matrix.”

I know some big spoilers will probably start popping up for this film before it hits theaters next year, but for your own sake and for Christopher Nolan's sake, I really hope you don't read them. All great movies like this are truly best experienced when you don't know much about the plot besides the basic premise. I will try not to spoil the film for myself or for any readers of this blog (I don't consider this post a spoiler since it is just about the characters and premise of the film).

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: First Showing, In Contention

'Hancock 2' Gets New Writers

Two writers have been hired by Columbia to pen a sequel to the Will Smith superhero movie "Hancock," which grossed $624million worldwide last year.

The two writers Sony has brought on-board for "Hancock 2" are Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara, both writers of "The Shield." The pair’s producing credits include other such TV work such as "24," "Dexter" and "Nash Bridges."

The original producing team is expected to return, although it hasn't been confirmed whether director Peter Berg will be back to helm this one. We are sure, though, that they wouldn't be moving forward if they weren't able to get Will Smith back as Hancock, so he's probably returning.

Plot details are being kept under wraps, though the writers will work with Smith and director Peter Berg to build on the world hinted at in the first movie.

The original starred Smith as a boozy, irresponsible superhero who turns his life around with the help of a public relations expert. It later is revealed that the hero is part of a line of god-like beings who have been around for more than 3,000 years and lose their powers when close to fellow immortals.

In the first film, Hancock discovers his superhuman soulmate is Mary Embrey (Charlize Theron), the wife of publicist Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman) who has given the hero an image makeover.

Hancock, originally titled Tonight He Comes, took more than 12 years to make it to the screen; the sequel will be on a faster track.
Peter Berg recently spoke to SCI FI Wire about his ideas for a sequel, confirming that it would elaborate on the film's mythology.

"There might be another god out there," Berg said. "Might be another one."

Berg added that the subplot of publicist Ray Embrey should pick up where it left off in Hancock, where he's starting his charity campaign.

But Berg said it wasn't possible to leap straight back in to "Hancock 2": "They like to fast-track it, but Will's busy, I'm pretty busy. We're excited to do one, but we want the script to be right and the movie to be right. We don't feel a burning imperative to go right back into it."

What do you think of the two writers that have been hired for the sequel to "Hancock"? Are you surprised the studio is pushing forward so quickly with this one?

"Hancock 2" is currently in the development stages and doesn’t have a planned release date yet.

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: THR, Screen Rant, First Showing, The Geek Files, SCI FI Wire

Monday, August 24, 2009

David Goyer on 'Magneto' and 'Blade'

Hugh Jackman has been teasing at the story for "Wolverine 2" and Christopher McQuarrie has been brought on board to write the screenplay. But where does that leave the other future X-Men projects?

"X-Men Origins: Magneto," "X-Men: First Class" and "Deadpool" are the other planned movies hovering on standby. There's also been talk - though nothing official - of spin-offs for Storm and Gambit.

"Deadpool" has neither a writer nor a director - and star Ryan Reynolds is now over at Warner Bros to play "Green Lantern" so his involvement is not 100 percent guaranteed.

"First Class" has a writer ("Gossip Girl" and "The O.C." creator Josh Schwartz) but no director, though Bryan Singer has 'flirted' with the idea of taking the reins.

"Magneto" has a screenplay. It was penned by Sheldon Turner and then reworked by David Goyer, who is set to direct.

Goyer has now given an update on the origin film of the mutant archvillain, played in the previous X-movies by Ian McKellen.

He told MTV News: "They're still thinking about doing it. They're definitely looking into doing other X-Men spinoffs."

The filmmaker felt confident the movie would pick up speed shortly: "I've been in touch with them. I'm sure that project will move forward in the next year or so."
Goyer wrote all three "Blade" movies, produced the first two and directed the poorly-received third movie, "Blade: Trinity." He also developed, wrote and produced the Blade TV series.

Of a further Blade film, he said: "It's been rumored over at New Line" and admitted there had been "murmurings."

But he indicated it would be a reboot, adding: "I think when you revisit these characters, the question is, how long should they stay off the shelf?

"When we did 'Batman Begins,' he'd been off the shelf for about eight years. It hasn't been eight years yet for Blade. I think usually if you give them a little breathing room between iterations, it's better."

So, "Blade 4" sounds much further away than "Magneto." The real question is whether Goyer has time to take on the master of magnetism, because of his many other commitments, including "Green Arrow: Escape from Super Max," TV series "Flash Forward" and the much-anticipated "Batman 3."

Do you think Goyer will make time in his schedule to direct "X-Men Origins: Magneto"? And do you want to see another "Blade" movie?

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: The Geek Files

Todd McFarlane Writing New 'Spawn' Movie

Earlier this year, Todd McFarlane described his ambitions to reinvent the "Spawn" franchise for the big screen. But what was once just talk and speculation has now found its way into the realm of reality.

McFarlane recently declared via Twitter that he is finally writing the "Spawn" screenplay.

"I've officially begun writing the ['Spawn' movie] screenplay," wrote the writer-artist. "The story has been in my head for [seven or eight] years."

The "Spawn" creator previously suggested that he could direct a lower-budget version of the film, but a big-budget interpretation would leave the directing duties to a more tested filmmaker.

"I'm trying to decide whether I want to go big production, bigger money, bigger marketing—or just do something that's a little bit smaller, more rock 'n' roll, and the way I've had it in my brain for the last five years," McFarlane expplained.

Based on his recently Tweeted description of the premise, it appears that a “dark, adult-themed” Spawn with a "smaller, more rock 'n' roll" approach is the version McFarlane has settled on.

"The movie idea is neither a recap or continuation," he described. "It is a stand alone story that will be R-rated. Creepy and scary ... the tone of this ['Spawn'] movie will be for a more older audience. Like the film ['The Departed']."
The actual plot of this new film would slightly alter the classic Spawn mythos of two police detectives (Sam and Twitch) on the trail of a supernatural killer who is dispatching crooks and mobsters around the city. In the new script, Sam and Twitch will reportedly be condensed into one cop character (a role McFarlane wants Leonardo DiCaprio to play) who is caught up in a mob investigation, until a mysterious and unseen entity shows up and starts slaughtering crooks. Unlike the 1997 film, which was more of a big-budget super hero flick, McFarlane’s new script will likely treat Spawn as more of a peripheral character - a supernatural catalyst for the crime drama.

What do you think: does this new "Spawn" movie sound good to you?
"Spawn" is still being scripted and no word yet on a release date.

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: Screen Rant, MTV News

New Director for 'Bioshock'

The last time anything was reported on the "Bioshock" movie was it being put on hold because of money troubles. Universal Pictures took a look at the budget, and decided to pull the plug in the pre-production stages, letting staff go until they and the then-director Gore Verbinski could figure out a way to do the movie without it costing as much.

And it looks like they’ve done just that, as well as finding a replacement director for Verbinski in the form of Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who you’ll probably know best for co-writing and directing "28 Weeks Later." He is in talks to direct from a script written by John Logan ("Gladiator," "The Last Samurai").

According to Variety, Universal stopped "Bioshock" in April "because the budget rose to $160 million and the studio needed it to cost less." They claimed they just wanted Verbinski to shoot overseas (where it would cost less), but he wasn't able to since he’s directing the animated film "Rango." The studio went after Fresnadillo instead. Take-Two Interactive, who developed the game and has final approval on the director, approved Fresnadillo and now here we are.
This is kind of surprising news, and something that’s bound to be disappointing news for Verbinski, who a few months ago turned down directing "Pirates of the Carribean 4" in order to focus on "Bioshock." Now it appears he’ll just be producing, which is still a big commitment, but definitely not the one he had in mind originally.

What do you think of the possible new director of the "Bioshock" movie? Do you think he’s a good fit or should they go with someone who’s got more experience?

"Bioshock" is currently in the development stages and doesn’t have a scheduled release date as of yet.

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: Screen Rant, First Showing

'John Carter of Mars' Casting Updates

The cast of Disney’s big-screen adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ "John Carter of Mars" keeps growing, adding three English actors to the roster. Joining John Carter of Mars will be Dominic West ("The Wire," "300"), Samantha Morton ("In America") and Polly Walker (HBO’s "Rome").

The three English actors join Willem DaFoe, Thomas Hayden Church and "Wolverine" stars Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins (Gambit and Silver Fox), who will be playing lead characters John Carter and his love interest, Mars princess Dejah Thoris.

According to The Hollywood Reporter: “Morton will play Sola, the daughter of Tars Tarkas (DaFoe), who must hide her softer side from her warmongering race. West plays Sab Than, prince of the Zodangans who believes he is entitled to rule Mars. Walker plays Sarkoja, a merciless, tyrannical Thark.”

Writer/Producer/Director Andrew Stanton ("Finding Nemo," "Wall-E") will be making his live-action directorial debut; the script was co-written by Stanton and Mark Andrews, with novelist Michael Chabon ("Wonder Boys") turning in a recent rewrite. "John Carter of Mars" is expected to mix live-action and CGI Martian creatures, and will be a PG-13 epic adventure/fantasy, which is expected to kick-off a trilogy.

The film is reportedly set to start filming this November for release in 2012.
More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: Screen Rant

Teaser Trailer for Chris Nolan's 'Inception'

After showing in theaters this weekend in front of "Inglourious Basterds," Warner Brothers has debuted the official teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan's "Inception" online today. Although its not long, clocking in at just under a minute, it is still an awesome teaser, especially for a project that only started shooting in July (they're still filming in Paris).

The film is a thriller set within the architecture of the mind about a CEO who is involved in a blackmailing scandal.

"Inception" will hit theaters on July 16, 2010.
More news to come! Catch ya' later!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Box Office Results and Weekly Movie News

Movies coming out this week!

Halloween II - Laurie Strode (Taylor-Compton) struggles to come to terms with her brother Michael's deadly return to Haddonfield, Illinois; meanwhile, Michael prepares for another reunion with his sister.

Taking Woodstock - When Woodstock organizers have the plug pulled on their event, Elliot Tiber (Martin), a young man who is spending the summer working on his parents' farm, helps the event land a permit, and puts the organizers in touch with Max Yasgur (Levy), a dairy farmer whose plot of land could serve as a perfect spot for the concert.

The Final Destination - After Hunt's (Zano) premonition of a deadly race-car crash helps saves the lives of his peers, Death sets out to collect those who evaded their fate.

Movies coming out on DVD and Blu-ray!

Sunshine Cleaning

Box Office results for the weekend!

1 Inglorious Basterds $37.6 M

2 District 9 $18.9 M

3 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra $12.5 M

4 The Time Traveler's Wife $10.0 M

5 Julie & Julia $9.0 M

6 Shorts $6.6 M

7 G-Force $4.2 M

8 Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince $3.5 M

9 The Ugly Truth $2.8 M

10 Post Grad $2.8 M

"Inglourious Basterds" is the biggest Tarantino opening ever, by a hefty $12.5m over "Kill Bill Vol. 2" ($24.1 M domestically).

Other films dropped, but not by much given other releases this past weekend failed to make much of an impact on the Top 10. "Shorts" failed miserably and Robert Rodriguez should stay away from children movies from now on. "Spy Kids" is done with.

Somehow "G-Force" keeps going strong and "Harry Potter 6" is just about to crack $900 M worldwide. Now that made some money as "Post Grad" did not. Nor do I expect a lot of these lower numbered films to be here next weekend as two horror films come out as well as a nice hippie flick.

More news to come! Catch ya' later!