Friday, July 31, 2009

Ridley Scott to Direct Alien Prequel!

Variety is reporting that Ridley Scott is officially attached to return as the director of an "Alien prequel" being written by newcomer Jon Spaihts. Spaihts got the job after pitching the studio and Scott Free Production, who will also produce the film. The story is being setup to precede Ridley's 1979 film, but as for what exactly will take place, those details are being kept under wraps at the moment.

The original "Alien" followed the crew of the Nostromo as they responded to a distress signal from a ship on a distant planet (LV428). Once there, a member of the crew is attacked and an alien parasite (a face-hugger) is attached to his face. Soon the creature dies, but then the real horror begins…

The deal gives Fox another chance to keep the "Alien" franchise alive. There were three sequels to Scott's original, but it is the first time the director has set his mind on directing one.

The prequel was to be directed by Scott protege, Carl Rinsch. I guess that fell by the wayside now since Scott himself will be at the helm. Now, the film could be quite a long way off as Scott has several films in development at the minute. He’s currently working on "Robin Hood" with Russell Crowe, and he has the "Monoply" film on the way, as well as a slew of producing duties. Add to this, he’s now 72 years old and it would appear that the British director might need a holiday or two.

With a bit of luck, Fox will put this new film on the fast track and we could see it within the next couple of years.

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