Tuesday, July 14, 2009

'Kung Fu Kid' Begins Production

"The Kung Fu Kid," the remake of the classic "The Karate Kid," has been met with many groans. But the film has started production and while it still doesn't have a release date, it is officially getting made.

Playing the lead is Will Smith’s son, Jayden, as a kid who moves to China with his mom, gets bullied at school and eventually ends up learning Kung Fu from Mr. Han (Jackie Chan, playing the remake’s equivalent of Mr. Miyagi).

The Harald Zwart ("Pink Panther 2") directed martial arts remake actually started filming this weekend in Beijing (heck, at least they’re shooting the camera’s in the right location…), where the story it will take place in modern day. The shooting schedule of the film is set to last for three months, and to celebrate the start of production, a traditional Chinese ceremony was held on Saturday.

Jayden Smith was there at the ceremony with his father, Will, mother, Jada Pinkett, and sister, Willow. In a video shot of the ceremony put online at Sina.com, Will Smith, Chan, and Zwart, “symbolically removed a piece of red cloth covering a movie camera, after which Smith gave Chan a hug.” If you want to take a look at the ten-minute video of the ceremony, you can watch it here as I don't know how to embed because of all the Chinese.

Are you willing to watch "The Kung Fu Kid" when it comes out?
More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: Screen Rant

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