Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Has 'The Green Hornet' Found Its New Kato?

"The Green Hornet" has had some ups and downs the past few weeks regarding casting news, but could an announcement regarding the new Kato be the next news we hear?

According to The Korea Times, actor Kwon Sang-woo recently passed an English audition for the role of the title character's sidekick -- an audition that was attended by the film's star and writer Seth Rogen and director Michel Gondry. The report goes on to say that a final announcement regarding the role will be made within the next month.

While Kwon is an unknown property in the US, the actor has already established himself as a hot star in Korea. Prior to embarking on a career in acting, he was a successful model contracted to be the face of various marketing campaigns.

If Kwon snags the part, he'll have some big shoes to fill after the departure of Stephen Chow, who left the project earlier this month. Chow was initially tagged to be both director and Rogen's co-star on the film, but stepped down from the director's chair late last year. He then left the film entirely a few weeks ago.

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: MTV News

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