Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sam Raimi Set To Direct 'WoW' Film

Ain't It Cool News has announced that Sam Raimi is to direct a live-action film adaptation of the fantasy video game "World of Warcraft" (Variety has also confirmed it).

This movie has been "in the works" ever since the game became the all-time greatest MMORPG. The last update on this film was late last year, in which Blizzard's president Mike Morhaime said that "there are still plans for a World of Warcraft movie" but that the script was still being developed. Now it looks like things have finally fallen into place.

The "Spider-Man" film-maker has signed a deal with Warner Bros offshoot Legendary Pictures and game developer Blizzard Entertainment.

Also involved is producer Charles Roven, who previously worked on Batman blockbuster "The Dark Knight."

The plan is for Raimi to film "Warcraft" after he completes "Spider-Man 4," which gets under way early next year and will be released in May, 2011.

The Warcraft universe features an epic conflict between the humans and dwarves of the Alliance and the orcs and trolls of the Horde. The game has developed a global following of 11.5 million monthly subscribers since its launch in 1994 and shows no signs of slowing.

Its most recent expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, sold more than 2.8 million copies in the first day of release and more than 4 million its first month.

"At its core, 'Warcraft' is a fantastic, action-packed story," Raimi said.

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: The Geek Files, First Showing


Space Monkey Mikey said...

I'm not a World of Warcraft guy, but if Raimi's involved, I'll definitely see this one.

Head Hero said...

I have never played the game myself, so I don't quite know what the plot is (I think MMORPGs have little plot as it is more about social playing, but I may be wrong).

But expect it to have intense action, especially with Raimi at the helm.