Friday, July 10, 2009

Movie News Mash 22

Variety just published an article looking at what's up next for director Todd Phillips it's already sorted out. Phillips will next direct the road trip comedy "Due Date" and follow that one year later with "The Hangover 2." Stand-up comic turned actor Zach Galifianakis is already set to star in "Due Date" and will most likely return for "The Hangover 2," making him and Phillips quite good buddies.

"Due Date" is a comedy about fatherhood in which an expectant dad and his unlikely travel companion (Galifianakis) race cross-country in hopes of making it home for the birth of his first child. As for "The Hangover 2," a plot hasn't been announced for it yet, but Phillips and his writing partner Scot Armstrong are already writing the sequel. Warner Brothers gave them the go-ahead back in April, before "The Hangover" had event hit, because they were so confident it'd be a huge success. And it obviously was.
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A post from includes details about an open casting call in Hollywood for martial arts experts to audition for "the upcoming 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' movie, hitting theaters in 2011. We will select the best from the auditions to be a part of the stealth 'TMNT' nemesis, the Foot Clan."

The official Web site has posted an article with details about their appearances at the San Diego Comic-Con. Their keynote presentation is a special "TMNT" panel on Friday, July 24 featuring a lot of big names - creator Kevin Eastman, Mirage Studios CEO Gary Richardson, director of the original "TMNT" movies Steve Barron, and producers Galen Walker and Scott Mednick. Listed last is John Fusco, whose title is "writer of the new 'TMNT' movie (slated for 2011)."

Looks like the Foot Clan will be returning to the franchise which finally has a writer. Fusco's past credits include "Young Guns," "Thunderheart," "Hidalgo" and "The Forbidden Kingdom."
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Back in early May, it was reported the Joe Johnston's "The Wolf Man" was going back for extensive reshoots to add more action. A new report from England's The Daily Mail confirms the reshoots and claims that they were made because the dynamics of the werewolf bad been tweaked. Originally, it walked upright on its hind two legs, like a human, but now he'll be attack from all fours, like an actual wolf.

"The Wolf was on its heels and it looked daft," an actor explained. While director Joe Johnston did work on some of the new scenes, most of it was shot by Vic Armstong, a veteran stuntman who also does work as a second unit director. "Vic came up with a great confrontation between the Wolf Man and the Werewolf. They really go after each other and it's dramatic and exciting, whereas the stuff they shot first time round was limp." Word is that these new scenes involved Benicio Del Toro, who plays the lead character Lawrence Talbot, as well as Emily Blunt and Anthony Hopkins, who plays Del Toro's father, Sir John Talbot.

Universal did also confirm the reshoots. "The full articulation of the transformational lead character will be realized when the film is completed and we are excited to share this incredible look with the world in the upcoming trailer." Hopefully that trailer will be coming out later this month or in August because "The Wolf Man" hits theaters November 6.
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Space Monkey Mikey said...

TMNT might be good since they're looking for people with actual physical training to play Foot Clan members. In the original movie, they didn't act like ninjas too much.

I still haven't gotten off my butt to see The Hangover. "Due Date" definitely sounds like it has possibilities. Whatever happened to Todd Phillips doing a sequel to "Old School"? That's one I'd still like to see.

And I just hope with The Wolf Man, they don't CGI the hell out of the movie and turn it into crap.

Head Hero said...

Yeah, the ninjas in the first movie weren't really ninjas. There was the whole thing of them just being street punks, so I think they tried to explain it like that.

"The Hangover" is pretty funny and I have no idea how a sequel can be made from it (they get super drunk again?)

I would like to see it kind of like "Underworld," where little CGI was used and the werewolves still looked awesome.