Saturday, July 4, 2009

Leonidas Might Return for Next '300'

Frank Miller and Zack Snyder are working together for the sequel to the Spartan movie "300." Miller is writing the comic as you read this and then Snyder will turn that comic into another film.

MTV News spoke with producer Mark Canton who says he is onboard for the sequel.

Canton said that although Snyder and Miller have agreed on the basic setting of the story, things are moving along slowly but surely.

“Things are always looking good with ‘300,’ it’s a blessing and a gift. Zack’s a genius, and no matter where you go it’s the one movie that people around the world seem to somewhat identify with the most,” Canton said. “We’re thrilled for [a sequel]; it’ll be a blast. There’s a new Blu-Ray coming out all over again shortly, so that’s great. It’s like the gift that never stops giving.”

And if Canton has his way, the gift will continue to give with a follow-up-film for the $210 million grossing movie. “[The key to the sequel] is about getting it right, you know,” the producer said of their dilemma after having killed off virtually the entire cast in the first film. “Frank is a perfectionist, and so is Zack. And I think they set the bar pretty high.”

But if you’re thinking that no sequel could ever be the same without Gerard Butler, don’t worry — because Canton revealed to MTV News that even King Leonidas could be brought back from the dead. “Never assume anything; never assume anything,” he repeated when asked if the original cast were gone for good. “It’ll be what it’ll be. But if we really do it, in this case, we have a visionary creator and a visionary filmmaker.”

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: MTV News

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