Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Heroes and Villains in 'Captain America'?

One year before "The Avengers" hits theaters, we'll be seeing "The First Avenger: Captain America," which will be set in WWII and is being directed by Joe Johnston.

CHUD spoke with Marvel's Kevin Feige after the "Iron Man 2" panel at Comic Con and learned about some groups that might be in the "Captain America" movie.

Feige wouldn't exactly confirm that Captain America would be working with The Invaders, in fact he said 'I don't know' when asked point blank, but he did say that there is a group that might help sell a very American film to foreign audiences.

"Setting it in the Marvel version of WWII is going to open it up [to an international audience] in a big way" said Feige. "It'll actually end up being our most diverse and our most international film. In terms of the cast there's a group that [Cap] works with that will have an opportunity for much more international casting."

The Invaders (formerly known as the All-Winners Squad) was a super-team during WWII that counted Captain America and Bucky among its members. Also in The Invaders were British superhero Union Jack, Namor the Sub-Mariner, speedster Whizzer, The Blazing Skull, the Human Torch and even a couple of female characters, Miss America and the Silver Scorpion.

At the moment the membership of the cinematic Invaders is pretty much in flux. The only member of The Invaders who is pretty much guaranteed to be left out is Namor, who as far as I know is part of the "Fantastic Four" package at Fox.

While we always knew that the Red Skull would be the villain in this film, at a future point in the interview Feige namedropped the villainous organization Hydra, a technologically advanced terrorist group that was a staple foe of Silver Age Captain America and SHIELD. However, Hydra was never active in the comics until after WWII where it was headed by a number of fugitive Nazis. This could be a hint that Hydra will be set up as the villain of "The Avengers" during the "Captain America" movie. As "The Avengers" come out after this film it seems plausible especially since I doubt they will make Hulk the villain.

Would you like to see The Invaders and Hydra in the "Captain America" movie?
More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: First Showing, CHUD

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