Sunday, July 19, 2009

'Alice in Wonderland' Teaser Trailer at Comic-Con

Tim Burton has already been announced to appear at this year’s Comic-Con (for the first time in over 30 years) to promote his produced animated film, "9." However, that’s not the only thing Burton is there to promote - he’s also bringing with him the very first footage of his upcoming adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland."

“[It’s] a kind of a semi-trailer,” Burton said. “It’s where we’re at at the moment. There’s not a lot of footage to show.”

It’s understandable that Burton wouldn’t have a full trailer for "Wonderland" yet, considering the movie’s still a while away and they’re not anywhere near done filming yet to be able to give us a full trailer. Not only is the point in time an issue in that they simply don’t have enough to show yet, there’s also the issue that the movie is a complicated mix of live-action, CGI and motion capture, which requires a lot of production beyond just shooting it with a camera. Burton explains:

“It’s a strange process we’re dealing with… We’re using a mix of techniques. If you picked them apart, each technique has been done before. We’re mixing them up, in a way.”

“I wish we had more footage to show… It’s a real mysterious puzzle that’s frightening and exciting at the same time.”

Burton is scheduled to appear on the "9" panel on Friday July 24th, but pre-empts that with the "Wonderland" footage the day before during the Disney 3-D panel.

MTV News speculates that along with the Wonderland “semi-trailer,” we’ll most likely get Burton talking about the processing of making it, including collaborating with Johnny Depp for the seventh time.

"Alice in Wonderland" is set to hit theaters March 5, 2010.
More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: MTV News, Screen Rant

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