Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Will There Be An 'Incredible Hulk 2'?

The last we heard from "Incredible Hulk" director Louis Leterrier was his idea for an Avengers quadrilogy of films – something he wants to be a part of along with the directors of each of the other Marvel Studios solo films. Part of his idea is to have each director helm a chapter of the series of Avengers movies and they could all release within a relatively short window.

At the time, Leterrier also reflected on how much a challenge it was making "The Incredible Hulk" and hinted that he’d rather work with a different superhero next time around.

“Hulk was such a challenge. It was to reboot something and follow [the Ang Lee-directed 2003 “Hulk”] movie that was absolutely adored by part of the fan population and then absolutely hated by another part. It was complicated for me. I wasn’t sure what to do with that history. I did my Hulk but it was not easy. If I do another Hulk film it will always be compared to the Ang Lee thing, and my first one … if I come back I’d love to do another superhero, something different that I can really put my touch on.”

Now it seems that he’s much more open to working on "The Incredible Hulk 2," perhaps knowing that he’s likely not going to get another different Marvel gig before it. He did a great job with the Hulk reboot and fit it nicely into the shared Marvel film universe.

In speaking with Moviehole the other day (prior to the Disney acquisition announcement), Leterrier had great things to say about his leading actor and about the potential of his involvement in a sequel.

“Yeah, he’s a great actor and a great Hulk… Sure. I’d return to it. I have some ideas. So many ideas for so many things.”

I really enjoyed "The Incredible Hulk" and I believe Leterrier made a solid film on a character that’s not as appealing in live-action to movie-going audiences compared to other notable comic book heroes. I think it really deserves a sequel and that Hulk/Ed Norton should really be involved with "The Avengers."

"Iron Man" and "The Incredible Hulk" were the first two films produced by Marvel Studios as an independent production house and they crossed-over very well, both leading into future solo films and the "Avengers" team-up. To not bring them back would be such a disappointment and a waste.
Leterrier is contracted for one more film with the studio and with Disney purchasing Marvel (and hence, Marvel Studios) this means more financing for films - and therefore, an immediate increase in production capacity for the studio. This was something that was mentioned by Marvel President of Production, Kevin Feige, in hopes that it could happen five or so years down the road.

Does this mean we’ll get an early greenlight on a sequel to "The Incredible Hulk"? There’s been plenty of talk about a sequel but with it, clarification that it wouldn’t occur until after "The Avengers." Perhaps now with Disney’s support, they can move some of those in-development films up.

In addition to Leterrier’s two-picture contract with Marvel Studios, the actor behind Hulk’s latest villain, Tim Roth, is contracted with a three film deal. A few weeks back, Roth hinted at being contacted about participating in something again but was very tight-lipped about it.

At the time, many thought he could simply be one of the few/many villains of "The Avengers" or perhaps that he’d have a small role as a cameo villain in another Marvel solo flick coming up. Could it be that it’s now more likely he’ll be back in a "Hulk" sequel along with The Leader whom they introduced at the end of the last film.

Would you like to see "The Incredible Hulk 2", Ed Norton back as Bruce Banner, and Leterrier in the director’s chair again?

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: Screen Rant


bandito said...

Yes I would...but you know me and the Hulk

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I do.

You love to do your Hulk impersonation.

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