Monday, September 28, 2009

'Lost Boys 3: The Thirst'

Bloody Disgusting is reporting that "Lost Boys 3: The Thirst" is ready to begin filming this November in South Africa with Dario Piana directing and Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander starring. The plot goes as follows:

"When veteran vampire hunter Edgar Frog finds himself destitute and almost friendless, he thinks his live has hit bottom – but wealthy vampire-romance novelist Gwen Liebling offers him a small fortune to go on the vampire hunt of a lifetime and rescue her son Peter from the Alpha Vampire D.J.Dusk. With the help of his friends Zoe, Lars and Blake, Edgar heads into a bloody battle to exterminate evil."

The first "Lost Boys" is a decent vampire flick that will always live in the 80's. I haven't seen "Lost Boys 2: The Tribe" due to hearing mixed reviews. I probably will wind up watching it someday as will I on this third film too.

The film is another Warner Premiere title, which means you will be looking for it on DVD and Blu-ray, not in theaters.
More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: Rope of Silicon


Anonymous said...

God, Lost Boys 2: The Tribe is so bad. I really only watched it just to see how bad, and because I try to support Autumn Reeser's choices (here's hoping she gets a better project soon...). The movie failed on so many levels, but Angus Sutherland was one of the main -- he didn't inherit ANY acting skill from Donald. Didn't even try to steal some from Keifer.

As for Lost Boys 3: The Thirst, I just need to know -- does Schumacher have ANY ownership of the rights to the franchise? Cuz he should stop this. Or he should at least slap Corey Feldman around a few times.

Head Hero said...

I guess I WON'T be watching "Lost Boys 2: The Tribe" any time soon (I take your judgement literally).

Will have to look that up to see where the rights currently are.

Slap Corey Feldman? I dunno...that guy stood up against Jason as a kid and lived. Not to mention vampires and pirates.