Wednesday, September 2, 2009

'Iron Man 2' Might Be in 3-D

Hollywood has a lot of new digital 3-D projects on deck, most notably James Cameron’s highly-anticipated film, "Avatar." While films like Avatar are being shot in digital 3-D from the start, older films are also entering the third dimension - case in point being Disney’s upcoming "Toy Story"/"Toy Story 2" double feature, which will be showing in limited engagement this Fall.

AICN is reporting that "Iron Man 2" has landed somewhere in the middle ground of old/new 3-D: a new movie shot with regular film that is being considered for 3-D conversion before its release.

Reasons for Favreau foregoing the 3-D/IMAX approach for "Iron Man 2" during production reportedly included the fact that his cinematographer, Matthew Libatique, prefers to shoot on film (modern 3-D uses digital filming techniques) and the fact that the process would add too much expense to the budget. Rather than try an force the issue, Favreau opted to look ahead, planning for "Iron Man 3" to get the 3-D/IMAX treatment.

Now AICN is reporting that Marvel and Paramount (and maybe now Disney) are going crazy over a one-minute demo clip of "Iron Man 2" that has been converted into 3-D. The clip was apparently so impressive that the studio has allegedly reached out to three different companies specializing in 3-D conversion, to see if it isn’t worth their time and money to convert all of "IM2" into a 3-D format. AICN’s same source on this is also reporting that the studio is simultaneously mulling over whether or not to convert the original "Iron Man" into 3-D as well, to serve as a 3-D theatrical pre-release/promo for "Iron Man 2" in 3-D.
This could seriously be awesome. I would love to see the first "Iron Man" back in theaters and in 3-D as well as seeing the sequel in 3-D (also assuming "Iron Man 3" will be in 3-D as well). My one problem is that converting a film shot for 2-D into 3-D just won't produce the same quality as one shot from the start for the format. I don't want to get into all the technical details, but personally I just don't think the conversion process results in high quality 3-D (it looks layered). I really just want to see a great movie and 3-D is not that big a deal to me. I still love the first "Iron Man" even without 3-D.

Would you like to see the "Iron Man" films get the 3-D treatment?

As AICN also points out: if Marvel sees big returns from this venture, will we see forthcoming films like "Captain America" and "Thor" in 3-D as well?

"Iron Man 2" hits theaters on May 7, 2010.
More news to come! Catch ya' later!
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