Monday, September 14, 2009

Chris Evans NOT In 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

It was recently revealed that studio bosses at 20th Century Fox are pressing ahead with a reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise based on the Marvel Comics superhero team.

And Chris Evans, who played Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch in the previous two movies, is all for it but won't be involved with the reboot.

Evans told Latino Review: "I welcome the new franchise; I hope it's fantastic. I like good movies. I'm sure Michael Keaton felt the same way. I'm sure Christopher Reeves felt the same way. If it's a great movie, let's make it, let's get it out there. There aren't enough of them.

"I don't think I'm going to be involved with it. I think they're going to start from scratch. If there's room to reinvent a franchise in a different tone and they can make a good film out of it then so be it. I have nothing negative to say about it."

In a separate interview with Collider, he elaborated on his thoughts about revamping superhero franchises.

He said: "They do that with a lot of movies. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later. Batman, Superman, Incredible Hulk. Sometimes it's a 10-year gap, sometimes it's five years, sometimes it's 20 years. I think there's room to readjust the tone in Fantastic Four as it was for Batman.

"You know, Batman took on a very cartoony feel towards the end and even in the beginning. It was a lighter movie, even though it was Tim Burton. It was still a lighter film and the newer Batmans have just been amazing, so I'm all for good filmmaking. If they can go make a good, dark, edgy Fantastic Four, right on.

In another interview, Chris Evans spoke to Cinematical about whether or not it’d be weird for him to see someone else take his flaming place, Evans said:

“Well, of course. But I’ve done plays and then I’ll go see someone else do the same play, and be like ‘Hmm. I did it differently!’ You know? [laughs] Of course. But let’s not confuse weird with bad, or weird with negative. Weird is in no way [negative]. No way would I have any — I welcome the new franchise. I hope it’s fantastic. I like good movies! I’m sure Michael Keaton felt the same way, I’m sure Christopher Reeve felt the same way. If it’s a great movie, let’s make it. Let’s get it out there. There aren’t enough of them.”

With "Jonah Hex" producer Akiva Goldsman and "Green Lantern" co-writer Michael Green attached to the "Fantastic Four" reboot, a darker turn for Marvel's foursome isn't out of the question—though few details have emerged about the project thus far.

Evans will next be seen in the comic book adaptation "Scott Pilgrim vs the World," directed by Edgar Wright.
More news to come! Catch ya' later!
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