Friday, September 25, 2009

'Iron Man 2' Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Last night Entertainment Tonight aired a six minute segment that included new behind the scenes footage from the set of "Iron Man 2" which included some spectacular crash scenes, a little more information on the Tony Stark/Pepper Potts/Natasha Romanoff love triangle and a never before scene of Whiplash cutting a car in half.

Of course there are very little-to-no finished special effects in the footage but that is to be expected. The meat of the footage and interviews were shot during the Indy car race in Monaco where Whiplash is introduced to the story.

Did you happen to notice what Pepper Potts (Paltrow) throws out the car window towards Tony Stark during the Whiplash attack scene in the clip? Yes, it’s a fancy looking briefcase - big deal, you say? Well if you haven't read a lot of Iron Man comics than you may not be aware that for many years the armor was collapsible - and Tony Stark carried it with him everywhere in a briefcase.

Now put the aforementioned scene in the context of the above information, and take a look at the enhanced image below. It sure looks a lot like a case that could contain the foldable armor Tony Stark uses from the older comics. It would explain how Tony is able to run Whiplash off in Monaco while his armor is back in Malibu.

What do you think? Has this footage got you eve more excited for probably the most anticipated movie of 2010?
More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: Screen Rant

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