Thursday, September 10, 2009

Edgar Wright Reports on 'Ant-Man'/Pixar Rumor

Many have wondered how Disney's pending acquisition of Marvel Entertainment might affect the company's upcoming comic book movie slate, with one report suggesting that the long-awaited "Ant-Man" adaptation could be developed by way of Pixar—but director Edgar Wright tells a different tale.

Wright has denied the reports that Disney animation studio Pixar is to be involved in the Marvel film project.

"Ant-Man," the alias of scientist Henry Pym, can shrink to insect size and also control ants using a special helmet. A film adaptation written and directed by Wright ("Hot Fuzz," "Shaun of the Dead") has long been in the pipeline.

He told CHUD: "The news that Pixar is involved is not wholly accurate and a little premature to comment on. I love Pixar's work more than anyone and indeed would love to collaborate with them.

"I'm not sure though that they would want to do a 'shrinking' film as a Pixar animation - since 'Toy Story' and 'A Bug's Life' already cover this territory to some extent. Am guessing that someone just speculated on the 'bug' angle and tried to put two and two together."
But he assured superhero fans he was still determined to get the character on to the big screen.

He explained: "I am still attached to 'Ant-Man' and indeed am still working on a second draft with Joe Cornish. That had to take a back seat while I worked on 'Scott Pilgrim,' but am keen to get back into it once I get into post[-production].

"I just spoke to Kevin Feige for the first time since I wrapped and we are meeting this week to discuss the next phase. It's been something that I have worked on for over five years on and off. There's even a treatment I wrote that dates even further back than that.

"It's true that the character is not considered one of the Marvel brand leaders and that is precisely what excites me about it. I want to make a film inside the Marvel Universe that is something a little different; a genre film within the superhero genre so to speak.

"My spin on 'Ant-Man' is very different than a straight superhero origin - and very much live action. At some point in this century, I intend to stop talking about it and make the damn thing."

Do you want to see Edgar Wright's live-action version of "Ant-Man" or do you want to see Pixar-produced "Ant-Man" film?

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: MTV News, The Geek Files

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