Sunday, August 30, 2009

'Avatar' May Be Sued Over Visual Similarities to 'Delgo'

James Cameron's sci-fi flick "Avatar" has been marketed on its thrilling 3-D CGI visuals and hailed as the future of filmmaking, but it looks like another movie did it all before.

In 2008, the animated fantasy "Delgo" bombed at the box office with the worst opening weekend on record. The $4 0million movie opened with just $512,000. It was pulled from cinemas after only a week on release, making a total of just $695,000 in the USA.

But Cameron's much-anticipated "Avatar" bears a remarkable resemblance to the movie, so much so that "Delgo's" makers Fathom Studios are considering a lawsuit.

"From what we have seen, we are amazed by the visual similarities between the two films," Atlanta-based Fathom Studios said in a press release. "We are considering what legal options may be available to us."
The lawsuit idea originally came from S.T. VanAirsdale's piece at Movieline headlined "The 7 Eeriest Parallels Between Avatar and Delgo." In it, VanAirsdale compares the two films by stating each has heroic male leads who run through the woods, tough but emotional female leads, the female leads flying on creatures, aircraft zooming through floating rocks, big monsters threatening the heroes, alien warriors shouting battle cries and a love story.

Cameron has claimed his film has been in the planning stages since the late 90s, although production did not officially begin until 2006. However, the creators of "Delgo" reportedly posted concept imagery on their website as far back as 1998.
It's been pointed out by some that Fox, the distributor for "Avatar," is also distributing "Delgo" on DVD (it came out on August 4) and that this may be just a cynical marketing ploy.

You can see some "Delgo" vs. "Avatar" comparison shots above, and the rest at this Web site. What do you think?

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: The Geek Files

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