Friday, August 28, 2009

'Spawn' Cartoon Will Return

Even as Todd McFarlane concentrates on his live-action "Spawn" screenplay, McFarlane still wants to see his caped hero return to animation.

The delay of "Spawn" returning to animation has been because of legal issues, but those unspecified hurdles may be out of the way now as the Image Comics co-founder and toy company chief looks forward to next year.

"For those that've asked, the 'Spawn' animated show will be back in Hollywood's face in 2010," McFarlane posted on Twitter. "Legal issues delayed it past few years."

"Spawn" already saw a three-season run on HBO in animated form, where the title anti-hero was voiced by actor Keith David, but has been on hiatus from the 'toon world since 1999. A decade later McFarlane is eyeing a return, but precisely what form that takes will remain to be seen.

Previously, McFarlane named Leonardo DiCaprio as his first choice as a lead actor in his R-rating-worthy screenplay, but he hasn't yet tweeted if he'd like to see a continuation of the HBO series or a complete reboot.

Would you like the new animated series continue where the HBO show left off or start the story of "Spawn" over again?

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: MTV News


Space Monkey Mikey said...

Personally, I'd like to see a continuation. Because they sort of left us hanging at the end of the last Spawn cartoon (it's been a while since I've watched it).

I'm looking forward to the new movie as well--as long as this one gets a little scary or gory and lays off the CGI, it might be cool.

Head Hero said...

I loved the "Spawn" cartoon and still remember exactly the last line of the last episode.

Spawn finally decides to regain his humanity...and then nothing. So I really want a continuation, but I expect a reboot since its been 10 years (and there is a new audience).

The way McFarlane is describing the new movie actually makes it sound cool...but I am hoping to see a good amount of Spawn and not have him only as a secondary character.