Friday, November 7, 2008

X-Men Origins: Magneto

A look at the early life of Eric Lensherr and his friendship with Charles Xavier, and how the one-time allies became mortal enemies.

That is the plot synopsis of X-Men Origins: Magneto, according to its IMDB site.

The movie is in development and is going to be directed by David Goyer, who also helped write the screenplay.

According to The Geek Files, "The film is about the backstory of the metal-controlling mutant, who was played by Sir Ian McKellen in the three X-Men movies. McKellen is the only cast member listed for the movie and is expected to 'book-end' the movie with voiceover narration and perhaps a cameo appearance.

Despite the digital de-ageing of his character by 25 years at the start of X-Men: The Last Stand, the studio would want a younger star for the main role of Jewish mutant Erik Lehnsherr who survives Auschwitz concentration camp and becomes the archvillain in later years after bitterness and tragedy shapes his destiny."

A synopsis for the film has also been released.

"The original X-Men film began with a prologue that showed the character as a child being led to a concentration camp by Nazis and that is the period in which the Magneto film will take place. This setup will allow a future villain to at least flirt with the designation of protagonist since the character will be seen almost exclusively in his formative years.
The storyline will heavily involve Professor X, the wheelchair-using X-Men leader. That character was a soldier in the allied force that liberated the concentration camps. The professor meets Magneto after the war and while they bond over the realisation that they are alike in their special powers, their differences soon turn them into enemies."

Fox co-chairman Tom Rothman said that Fox is focusing on Wolverine Origins right now since it comes out next May. Any further news on future X-Men or Fantastic Four films will have to wait until after that. Rothman also said he is interested in making a Silver Surfer spin-off film, a character introduced in the Fantastic Four sequel from 2007. This would have to happen before 2012, when the rights for those characters go back to Marvel.

I personally can't wait for the rights of X-Men and the Fantastic Four (and Spider-Man someday) to all go back to Marvel so there can be even more cross-overs.
Imagine a movie with every Marvel hero that has his/her own movie so far.
A team-up of Blade, Punisher, Daredevil, Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Ghostrider, and Iron Man (include other Avengers as they are made). A comic geeks dream come true...*sigh*.

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