Friday, November 21, 2008


Some cool news for those who love comics and movies! "Gearhead" is going to be made!

"Gale Anne Hurd’s Valhalla Motion Pictures has closed a deal for the film rights to produce the graphic novel 'Gearhead' which Hurd will produce. 'Gearhead' was created by Dennis Hopeless and Kevin Mellon and published by Arcana Comics.

In 'Gearhead,' a young woman teams up with a group of rebels to fight the
corrupt superheroes who govern the United States. She must rise to the
challenge of her destiny and become 'Gearhead.'

“We are excited to bring "Gearhead" to life. It’s a terrific
character-driven story set in a unique and compelling world,” said Hurd.

'To work with Gale on 'Gearhead' is simply fantastic. We couldn’t have
found a better partner,' Arcana Studio’s Sean O’Reilly commented.

Gale Anne Hurd and Valhalla Motion Pictures most recently produced the
blockbuster feature 'The Incredible Hulk' for Marvel Studios which was
released by Universal Pictures this summer. Valhalla is continually
developing a broad range of projects, including Marvel’s 'Punisher: War
' for Lionsgate and Sony Pictures Entertainment which stars Ray
Stevenson and is being released on December 5, 2008. Hurd has produced
more than two dozen feature films that have generated billions of dollars
of revenue. Her other credits include 'The Terminator,' 'Aliens,' 'Armageddon,'
'Aeon Flux,' 'The Punisher,' 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' and 'Terminator 3:
Rise of The Machines
' among others.

Arcana Comics has published over 150 original comics and books and is a
division of Arcana, an award winning transmedia company founded by CEO and owner Sean O’Reilly. Arcana establishes new brands and intellectual properties with engaging storytelling and compelling visuals through comic books, graphic novels, animation, short-form live-action, video games, toys and now, feature length films. Arcana has created original brands they control such as The Clockwork Girl and Kade, and have further developed existing brands for Disney, Sony, Capcom, HBO and more."

Sources: Latino Review, Variety
More news to come on "Gearhead!" Catch ya' later!

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