Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Interview with Milo Ventimiglia

Crave Online got to sit down and have a chat with Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia to talk about his recently made comic, Heroes, and his future.

Ventimiglia is in a collaboration with Devil's Due Publishing on a new comicbook miniseries called Rest, whose leading character is based on the actor's image.

The final part of the interview has an interesting quote from Milo.
"You know if I landed a role in a movie based on a Marvel comic character wearing a mask and jumping around with batons or anything like that it would be awesome."

According to The Geek Files, "Ventimiglia, 31, has made no secret of wanting to play the adult version of Robin called Nightwing, who does indeed have batons, but that is of course a DC Comics character.

He has hoped to be cast as Nightwing in either a Teen Titans junior heroes team-up movie or in a sequel to The Dark Knight.

A Marvel hero with batons, as mentioned in his quote, can only mean Daredevil, the blind vigilante who uses soundwaves to 'see' by human echo-location similar to sonar and who, by day, is a lawyer called Matt Murdock."

So what does this all mean? Really nothing, Just interesting news.
And if the Daredevil reboot does happen as I mentioned a month ago, and Milo gets the role, well....I mentioned it here!
More news to come! Catch ya' later!


bandito said...

Why would 'Nightwing' be in a sequel to Dark Knight? Wouldn't he be considered 'Robin' if that were the case?

Head Hero said...

Yes, he would. But you should point that fact out to Milo.
Besides, Christian Bale has said that if the 'boy wonder' is in the next film, Bale won't be in it.
I would personally like to see Robin (a good one) to come into the story after Dark Knight.