Friday, November 21, 2008

Wolverine and Deadpool

According to MTV News, "Former 20th Century Fox Studio Exec Jeff Katz (who had returned from the set of 'Wolverine' just a few months ago) offered up his own thoughts about the potential for a 'Deadpool' movie — as well as what you can expect to see in 'Wolverine,' bub.

'The film nicely tees [Deadpool] off for his own spin-off film,' said Katz, who raved about Ryan Reynolds‘ portrayal of the wise-cracking mercenary. In Marvel’s comic book universe, Wade Wilson (a.k.a. Deadpool) is a product of the same “Weapon X” experiments that Wolverine was subjected to by the Canadian government, but the experiments left him disfigured and mentally unstable.

Katz’ comments seemed to reiterate those of Fox Chairman Tom Rothman, who previously addressed the possibility of a 'Deadpool' spin-off and commented on the tone of 'Wolverine.' According to Katz, 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' is “certainly the most violent” of the X-Men movies thus far, with a darker tone and significantly more action than its predecessors.

Of course, before 'Deadpool' gets the go-ahead, there’s still another X-Men character likely to take a solo turn on the big screens: Magneto."

I still can't wait for "Wolverine" and "Magneto" to come out, but a "Deadpool" film would be awesome.
More news to come! Catch ya' later!


bandito said...

I'd like to see all those movies...

Head Hero said...

Me too!