Wednesday, November 12, 2008

December 2008

After a dull Fall line of movies, Winter comes along to pick things up.
This month has Quantum of Solace and Twilight out there, which are sure to bring their desired audiences. My eyes are already looking at December which is sure to look like a good month.
Here are some choices!

Punisher: War Zone 12/5/08

The Day the Earth Stood Still 12/12/08

Gran Torino 12/17/08(limited), 1/16/09(everywhere)

Yes Man 12/19/08

The Spirit 12/25/08

Valkrie 12/26/08

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 12/25/08


bandito said...

Granted, I haven't seen the new Punisher movie so I can't say anything bad about the new actor. But I really wish they had kept the old guy-he did a good Punisher in my opinion

Head Hero said...

Thomas Jane, yeah, I liked him too. He was going to be on for the next Punisher, but it just took too long in his opinion for the script to come along, so he moved on to other things.
Ray Stevenson should be good. I liked him in Rome and King Arthur.