Wednesday, November 5, 2008

POTC 4 details

This could all be more rumors (I loathe rumors) but I love Pirates of the Caribbean and can't wait to see the fourth one. So real news or rumors, I shall post! got to sit down with Jerry Bruckheimer on the set of Prince of Persia and talk about some of of the films he is currently working on, which includes The Lone Ranger, National Treasure 3, and POTC 4.

As far as approaching the sequels for "National Treasure" and "Pirates of the Caribbean," Bruckheimer says that both are having scripts written. "We've sat with the writers and we're working up the story and plotlines right now. They're in the process of finishing 'The Lone Ranger' so they're working on both of those simultaneously, same set of writers, Elliot and Rossio, who did all three 'Pirates' and worked on 'National Treasure (2)'"

When asked whether they might consider gearing another "Pirates" movie to IMAX, based on the success Warner Bros. had with The Dark Knight, Bruckheimer responded, "Absolutely. I'd love to do it, so let's just see if we can work it through the production schedule with everything else."

"I think they're pushing towards 2012," Bruckheimer told us about the possible release date for this fourth "Pirates" movie. "Hopefully we can make it we'll see."

Those are the facts, but the rumors I mentioned deal with whether Jack Sparrow is going to get a brother in the next Pirates film.

According to The Daily Mail, "Russell Brand is reportedly thrashing out a deal to appear in the fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean film - as Captain Jack Sparrow's younger brother Jonathan. The deal to appear in the children's film could be worth as much as £5million and would catapult the 33-year-old into the Hollywood A-list."

Brand was recently seen in the comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall as the British rock star Aldous Snow.

Mores new to come! Catch ya' later!


bandito said...

Dude! The Aldous Snow guy could totally pull off Jack Sparrow's brother. This could be really interesting...but then again, it is a POTC movie-and those are always interesting

Head Hero said...

Indeed. I am waiting for some hard facts to back up this claim though.
But it would be cool.