Thursday, November 13, 2008

Brett Ratner Won't Direct Conan...Now

Almost a month ago I reported that Brett Ratner will be directing the next "Conan" film. The news on that may be a bit premature.

Avi Lerner, in an interview with the LA Times, said that Ratner is committed to the new Conan film. "We still have a few obstacles," he said. "Brett is only committed if we agree on a budget, on how to do the special effects and exactly where we'd shoot the film."

Ratner says that he isn't doing Conan...not now at least.
“Let me make this very clear. I am not doing ‘Conan‘ now. This is totally premature,” stated Ratner. “For now, ‘Conan’ is only a development deal. I have a deal at Paramount and I’m doing ‘Beverly Hills Cop [4]‘ first, no matter what. Avi shouldn’t be telling you or anyone else in the press what I’m doing.”

According to MTV News, "Even Paramount is upset about the “Conan” deal, as it puts their schedule and plans for “Beverly Hills Cop 4″ in a bit of jeopardy. Ratner’s involvement hinges entirely on whether Lerner is willing to wait for him to complete his Beverly Hills installment — and Lerner is so eager to get “Conan” up and running that he may be announcing another director soon."

More news will come about the new "Conan" movie, but here is an interesting tidbit.
Here is what Lerner said about what kind of actor he is looking for to play Conan.
"To be honest, we're looking for a younger Arnold Schwarzenegger, someone we could sign to a three- or four-picture deal, because I see this as a real long-term franchise."

And Lerner even approached Arnold Schwarzenegger about making a cameo.
"I saw Arnold in Las Vegas at the premiere of 'Rambo,' " Lerner says. "He said, 'Wait two years for me--I'll be coming back.' But I can't wait that long." Lerner says he offered Schwarzenegger $1 million just to do a one-day cameo in the picture.

"I told him we could even shoot the scene in Sacramento," Lerner recalls. "He was smiling, but he didn't say yes. Maybe he can't take the money while he's still governor. That's OK, if he can't take the money, I'd donate it to a charity or give it to a school that needs the money." Lerner laughs. "Don't worry--I'll approach him again. I don't give up that easily."

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