Monday, January 5, 2009

Box Office Results and Weekly Movie News

Movies opening this week!

Bride Wars - Two best friends (Hudson and Hathaway) become rivals when a clerical error results in their respective weddings being held at the same place ... on the same day.

The Unborn - Haunted by strange dreams and recurring ghostly visions, Casey Beldon (Yustman) turns to a spiritual advisor (Oldman) for help. Together, they learn that Casey had a twin brother who never made it to term, and that her intended sibling is tied to a curse that requires Casey's death in order to manifest itself in our world.

Not So Easily Broken - A car accident threatens to sever the already fragile bond between Clarice Johnson (Henson) and her husband, Dave (Chestnut) -- especially when they both begin to develop feelings for other people.

Movies coming out on DVD this week!

Righteous Kill
Bangkok Dangerous
Babylon A.D.
Pineapple Express

Box Office Results for the weekend!

1 Marley & Me$24.0 M

2 Bedtime Stories$20.0 M

3 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button$18.4 M

4 Valkryie $14.0 M

5 Yes Man $13.8 M

6 Seven Pounds $10.0 M

7 The Tale of Despereaux $7.0 M

8 Doubt $5.0 M

9 The Day the Earth Stood Still$4.8 M

10 Slumdog Millionaire$4.7 M

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