Friday, January 15, 2010

'Tekken' Trailer

Being a fan of both video games and movies, watching the two combine is a strange experience. While many of the adaptations royally suck, some are actually decent to watch.

I am more of a "Street Fighter" player than "Tekken" player, but I am at least familiar with some of the characters and recognize them in the first trailer for "Tekken," the live-action film based on the popular fighting game series.

And it looks exactly like what I thought it would be: strangely dressed and half-naked dudes battling it out for the chance to win The King of Iron Fist Tournament (with some half-naked chicks thrown in for a few seconds as well).

Here's the official synopsis:

We are introduced to this violent world through the eyes of Jin Kazama, a street fighter that enters the tournament in order to avenge the death of his mother that he blames upon Tekken's powerful and controlling Chairman, Heihachi Mishima. He knows that the only way to get close enough to Mishima to kill him is to win the tournament. With the help of Lucas, an ageing Iron Fist Champion and fight trainer, Jin makes his way through the tournament, but in doing so, he begins to uncover his own past and inner demons as well as exposing a dark underbelly to Tekken that threatens the very existence of humanity.

With futuristic and imaginative sets, a compelling story, and fight sequences combining fighting styles from all over the world. "Tekken" is in line to become one of the greatest action films of all time.

Imaginative sets? The trailer doesn't do much in the way of showing off such a feature, unless one counts a gritty arena as an imaginative set. And as for it possibly being "one of the greatest action films of all time," we'll wait and see. I don't really expect it to be any better than the "Street Fighter" or "Dead or Alive" films.

There isn't a release date for the film in the US yet, but it might just wind up on DVD in a couple of months instead of heading to theaters.

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
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