Monday, January 11, 2010

'Metal Gear Solid' Movie Not Happening

I'm sorry to have to report this, especially for those who are big fans of the video game, but it looks like a "Metal Gear Solid" movie won't be happening for a long time. Collider caught up with producer Michael De Luca recently and asked him about the film's status and he didn't have any good news.

According to De Luca, things are seemingly on hold for the time being as not everyone’s fully on board, mainly the video game company. In this case, the developer is Konami and it looks like they maybe fearful of letting a Hollywood studio adapt their prized property considering the history of quality in video game movies.

“I don’t think it’s going to move forward because I got the sense that there may not be enough of a coordinated will at this point on the side of certain parties to see a movie get made," De Luca said to Collider. "And I get it because the problem with a lot of these adaptations is it’s such a huge franchise for the video game company. A movie can only hurt. If the movie’s great, you’re probably not going to sell more games. It’s such a separate thing. The franchise being as big as it kind of helps the movie…I’m not sure the movie does the same thing for the game.”

Collider went on to mention the onslaught of video game licenses being picked up everywhere to be made into films in the near future and pointed out that the common thought would be that "Metal Gear Solid" would definitely be one of them.

“I think there’s some things…the video game companies are very protective of their property and there are certain things a studio requires freedom-wise to market and distribute a movie effectively in a global marketplace and sometimes getting those two things to match up is really hard. And in the case of 'Metal Gear Solid,' the agendas just….not because the parties weren’t amicable, it was just kind of impossible to get the agendas to match up.”

I understand the fear and hesitation from some video game companies to let filmmakers adapt their property especially when they tend to deviate so much from the key elements which made the games so successful in the first place. Pretty much every film based on a video game is terrible with a few being decent (can really only think of the first "Mortal Kombat" and first "Tomb Raider").

Of course, that doesn't mean there will never be a "Metal Gear Solid" movie, just that, at present, the two companies aren't moving forward with the project. So when both Konami and the studio are ready to have "Metal Gear Solid" make the jump to the silver screen, then it might get done.

What do you make of this news? Would you even want to see a "Metal Gear Solid" movie? If so, who would make the perfect Solid Snake?

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
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