Sunday, October 4, 2009

'Paranormal Activity'

I have read so much on this film in the past week, yet nothing was really newsworthy about it over then reviews were really good. It is a small, independent film made for only $11,000. It is a hand camera style film, like "Cloverfield," except the camera is on a tripod most of the time. The movie is about a couple living in a house and they think a demonic spirit is messing with them while they sleep. So they set up a camera to film during the night and...well, the sh*t gets real scary after that.

Paramount has been running a promotion for "Paranormal Activity" where interested moviegoers can "Demand It" and try and get the movie to come to their city (since its only been playing in very limited release). Thanks to the success of that promo, they'll now be opening the movie nationwide (and not just only at midnight) this upcoming Friday, October 9.

I'm happy to support this movie because I love the buzz its getting and I'm fascinated by its viral success. Paramount has been showing it only at midnight (to make it creepier) and its turning into the next "Blair Witch Project," in terms of success at least. The film sold out all of its midnight screenings in 33 cities across the country this past weekend, earning around $535,000. Paramount will now be expanding it to over 40 markets this upcoming weekend and making it available at "all hours," including at the previous midnight only venues.

Watch the trailer below and head over to the official Web site so you can demand the film to come to your city so you can see it!

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
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