Thursday, October 1, 2009

'Kill Bill Vol. 3'

During an interview on the Italian chat show Parla con Me (or “Talk To Me”), Quentin Tarantino was asked (the questions are in Italian) if he would be making any follow up films to his previous work, and after saying, “it will never happen,” to a "Pulp Fiction" sequel, he reveals his intention to make "Kill Bill Vol. 3."

Tarantino doesn’t give any solid details on what "Kill Bill Vol. 3" might be about other than it is just in the idea stages at the moment. But he DOES let us know a couple of things: He wants it to take place 10 years after the events of "Kill Bill Vol.2" (for that to be in real time, too, he’d have to wait until 2014) and he reveals part of his reasoning for wanting to make another is that he loves the character of The Bride so much.

Sounds like reason enough to me! If you want to hear the “announcement” from the lips of Mr. Tarantino himself (“The Bride will fight again!”), check out the video below from the Italian talk show Parla con Me (the "Kill Bill 3" stuff starts at 5:55):


Tarantino has hinted in the past that a third "Kill Bill" could take place from the scene in "Vol.1" where The Bride tells Vernita Green’s (played by Vivica A. Fox) daughter, after killing her mother, that if she’s still, “raw about it,” then The Bride will be waiting. This would be a fitting plot because The Bride went to get revenge on those who killed her daughter (or so she thought…), her husband and at least TRIED to kill her, and so it makes sense that Vernita Green’s daughter, Nikki, would want revenge on her.

Perhaps we’ll even get to see The Bride’s daughter, B.B., go sword-to-sword with Vernita Green’s daughter…

Of course, the sad passing of Bill himself, David Carradine, means that they can’t really have any flashback scenes involving the character. Not unless they recast which, out of respect for Carradine, I don’t think Tarantino would do. So I assume that, along with the “Vernita Green’s daughter getting revenge on The Bride” storyline, Tarantino will exclude any Bill storyline (maybe he’d include one done in anime, like the O-Ren Ishii sequence in "Vol. 1"). Which begs the question: Will Tarantino still call it "Kill Bill"? After all, The Bride did ultimately kill Bill. So it doesn’t really make sense to call the third movie as such. Or am I way off?

What do you think of the prospect of a third "Kill Bill"? Do you like the idea of revisiting The Bride character after 10 years and continuing on the bloody fighting we saw so much of in Volumes 1 and 2? Or is the story told and Tarantino should just leave it alone?

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
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bandito said...

I love the Kill Bill movies, and seeing more of that kind of fighting and action would be good. But in this storyline proposed-who do I root for lol? You can't fault the daughter for wanting revenge-that's what the bride did in the first 2 movies. But we already like the bride, and she was just getting her revenge...but with Pai Mei dead, is there anyone that could train the daughter well enough to take on the bride? Too many holes-they'd have to fill them to make me happy(though the fight scenes might do that a little too-you know me lol)

Head Hero said...

I know, but if Tarantino does want to wait until having this movie out by 2012, he has a year to work on the script, then filming in 2010-2011 and then editing.

And I don't think Tarantino would screw something that good up. He must already be thinking of something cool.