Wednesday, November 18, 2009

'The Wolfman' Being Recut

Out of all the big films scheduled for release next year, the one I’m most concerned about is "The Wolfman." I'm excited to see it after watching the badass trailer, but production on "Wolfman" has been plagued from the get-go.

A change in directors, callbacks for re-designs in the creature effects and several delays… It all points to a studio trying to turn a profit from a film that it didn't think would do well otherwise.

It looks like "Wolfman" is still reeling from those problems as new info buried deep in a Variety article (found by SlashFilm) says editors Mark Goldblatt and Walter Murch have been brought in to help salvage this monster of a movie.

I'm starting to wonder how much involvement director Joe Johnston has in these decisions, and whether or not the film will be close to resembling the original vision of the film. Either way, Goldblatt and Murch will be fresh eyes on the project and their extensive editing work speaks for itself.

Goldblatt has had quite the experience in the editing chair having put together both of James Cameron's "Terminator" films, as well as putting together the frantic, abundance of dailies from director Michael Bay's films like "Armageddon" and "Pearl Harbor." Meanwhile, Murch has won Acaedmy Awards for sound editing on "Apocalypse Now," and film editing for "Cold Mountain," in addition to displaying stellar work as editor and sound editor of films like "The Conversation" and "The English Patient."

While this might not seem all that urgent, this is quite a big deal to rework an entire film this late in the game ("Wolfman" is scheduled for release in three months). I don’t know what kind of mess the film is in, but I am certain that Murch and Goldblatt working together will result in at least a watchable (if not entertaining) film.

What do you think about the editors brought in to recut the film? Good sign or bad?

"The Wolfman" howls into theaters on February 10, 2010.
More news to come! Catch ya' later!
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