Tuesday, November 24, 2009

'The Crow' Remake Continues to Fly

Director Stephen Norrington’s script for the proposed reboot of “The Crow” is finished even though the film has yet to get the official greenlight.

“The script is great,” said producer Ryan Kavanaugh during an interview with i09. ”We're very excited about it. ‘The Crow’ is definitely going to happen, we're just getting all the pieces together right now. It's not officially greenlit, but it's going to happen... I think in a couple months we could have the package together for sure.”

Norrington’s version is said to be, “realistic, hard-edged and mysterious.”

Created in 1989 by James O'Barr, “The Crow” has been adapted into a TV series and four feature films — most notably with the first "Crow" film starring the late Brandon Lee in 1994. According to Kavanaugh, the new film will be a literal relaunch of the franchise, which includes a complete reinterpretation of The Crow’s classic look.

“I think it's something cool, we're approaching it differently,” stated Kavanaugh. “He'll have makeup, but it will be different. The best way to compare it is the first ‘Batman’ and ‘Batman Begins.’ In terms of their look and feel and character.”

Kavanaugh also offered some hints regarding the casting of the new Crow.

“It will be an actor you've heard of,” related Kavanaugh. “We're not ruling anything out. We're looking at both, with the very well known and the ‘very talented but they may not be quite there yet.’”

Norrington’s “Crow” relaunch was first announced near the end of last year. Back in July, it was rumored that the new “Crow” would not be a remake of the original film and the Eric Draven character would not be used.

Who would you like to see play the iconic character of Eric Draven in this “reinvention” of the franchise/character? Do you think it should be someone really famous, a complete unknown or someone in-between? Do you like that this version apparently isn’t going to be gothic or stylized as the 1994 one was?

There’s no official word on when "The Crow" reboot will hit theaters, but it’s estimated to be sometime in 2011.
More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: MTV News, Screen Rant

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