Sunday, November 22, 2009

Avatar: Running Time and New Footage

Bruce Snyder, president of domestic distribution for 20th Century Fox (which is handling the release of the movie) has revealed the running time for James Cameron's anticipated 3-D epic sci-fi film "Avatar."

Snyder said that the running time will be 150 minutes (2 hrs 30 mins) which may rise to a maximum of 156 minutes when the credits are added.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this will allow cinemas to offer three daytime showings and two evening screenings.

The length of "Avatar," which will play in both 3-D and standard 2-D formats, has been governed by the plans to show the film at IMAX venues.

IMAX cinemas that do not use digital projection are limited to film spools that amount to no more than 170 minutes of footage, and this became the maximum runtime Cameron assigned to "Avatar."

IMAX screens are set to screen the movie until the first week of March, a record run for a film at such venues. Last year, "The Dark Knight" set the IMAX record by running for 10 weeks.

Fox has also confirmed that "Avatar" cost at least $230 million to make.

Featured below is a new featurette on the film that focuses on Colonel Quaritch, played by Stephen Lang. He talks about his relationship with Jake Sulley (Sam Worthington) and how they end up at odds with each other.

"Avatar" hits theaters on Dec. 18.
More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: The Geek Files, Latino Review

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