Sunday, November 8, 2009

Box Office Results and Weekly Movie News

Movies coming out this week!

2012 - An academic researcher leads a group of people in a fight to counteract the apocalyptic events that were predicted by the ancient Mayan calendar.

Pirate Radio - A 1960's comedy about an illegal radio station run by a band of rogue DJs on a ship in the middle of Britain's North Sea. By defying the tastes and laws of the ruling government, the disc jockeys hooked their listeners on pop music and its attendant ideas of love and free will.

Movies coming out on DVD and Blu-ray!

The Ugly Truth
Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut

Box Office results for the weekend!

1 Disney's A Christmas Carol$31.0 M

2 Michael Jackson's This Is It $14.0 M

3 The Men Who Stare at Goats $13.3 M

4 The Fourth Kind$12.5 M

5 Paranormal Activity $8.6 M

6 The Box $7.8 M

7 Couples Retreat $6.4 M

8 Law Abiding Citizen $6.1 M

9 Where the Wild Things Are $4.2 M

10 Astro Boy $2.5 M

"A Christmas Carol" had a pretty high budget (between $150-185 million) and that is not a bug opening weekend. Disney probably won't be making back lots of profit from this technology-filled film.

And lots of people must not be into new movies! Michael Jackson's documentary continues to make money for people who wish to profit from his death while "Paranormal Activity" continues to keep people up at night.

Films on the lower ends of the list will continue to peter off to DVD land.
What film will win next weekend?
Probably the epic disaster movie "2012."

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