Friday, April 9, 2010

Todd Lincoln Directing 'Danger Girl' Adaptation

I am quite stunned by this news - so I will let MTV News take it away from here:

"Hack/Slash" producers Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter are hard at work bringing Cassie Hack to the big screen, but they've got their eyes on another comic book property as well — "Danger Girl."

Speaking with Hero Complex, Askarieh revealed that he and Alter are adapting J. Scott Campbell's "Danger Girl" alongside director Todd Lincoln, who is also attached to direct "Hack/Slash." According to Askarieh, the trio is working "closely" with Campbell for a film that draws inspiration from Christopher Nolan's recent overhaul of Gotham City.

"First of all, we are taking these characters very seriously; a kind of 'Batman Begins' approach, if you will," said the producer.

Askarieh said that Lincoln has "a very interesting aesthetic approach" to "Danger Girl," with the hopes of using technology similar to James Cameron's "Avatar" in order to bring the comic book world to life.

"His approach, in both the look and the tone for 'Danger Girl,' is what I call the anti-'Charlie's Angels' and feels more like next-step progression from what I hear Zack Snyder is doing with 'Sucker Punch,' visually speaking," said Askarieh. "Todd's unique vision for the way he wants to shoot and construct the movie takes all of that to the next level. He envisions a hyper-stylized, hyper-action action film, but with a heart and with characters you care about."

Created by J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell in 1998, the WildStorm series tells the story of a group of female spies that operate under extreme and high-stakes circumstances. Of the various Danger Girls, Askarieh said that leading lady Abbey Chase is his favorite.

"She is that quintessential Joseph Campbell archetype who goes through the 'hero's journey' and comes out on the other side a better, more complete person," said the producer. "I guess you could say that she finds her 'first, best destiny,' to borrow a phrase from Mr. Spock."

Askarieh said he hopes to have casting and talent announcements prepared in time for this summer's Comic-Con International.
(MTV News)

As I said before - stunned.

Not from the massive amount of name-dropping. He named about a dozen films in there. Heck, when Askarieh was asked how to describe "Danger Girl" to those who had never heard of it before, he said, "I would describe it as 'Kill Bill' meets 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' with the team element of 'Mission: Impossible.'"


But again, that's not what stunned me. What stunned me is there will be a "Danger Girl" movie.
Basically, the comic was my introduction to the drawn female anatomy. It is a comic not much read, but very much looked at. At there's going to be a movie of it...

I'm for it as long as they get a good cast. If Megan Fox winds up in it I will personally head to Hollywood and *BLEEEEEEP*!

Yeah, I know - that's insane. But I'll do it.
More news to come! Catch ya' later!


Mikey said...

I think I remember Jessica Biel was attached to a Danger Girl TV show (??) a while back, but obviously something went wrong...

And yeah, has this dude actually read any of the Danger Girl stuff? I think the main purpose of the comics is a satire of the spy genre--so you've got funny stuff and some pretty sweet action, and let's not forget, BOOBS! He must have been reading a different Danger Girl I haven't heard about. Sounds like he's taking it WAAYYY too seriously. Using the words "aesthetic approach" and "Hero's Journey" to describe a Danger Girl flick just makes me go, "HUH?!"

Oh, and Kristen Bell for Abbey Chase. OK, I'm done.

Head Hero said...

A Danger Girl TV show would have been...interesting, to say the least.

Any visual media form of Danger Girl would be interesting. My goodness - that comic is a great read. Wait...there are words in it?

Joking aside, I think this guy is just trying to push the idea of a Danger Girl film VERY HARD. Maybe too hard. So either that's good enthusiasm or just plain stupidity.

KBell as Abbey Chase?
Interesting...but they don;t really share the same...uh...figure. ;]

jaja cabul said...

Lindsay Lohan as Abby Chase And Megan Fox as Sydney Savage.....perfect , no doubt

Anonymous said...

Megan Fox as Sydney Savage,.....Lindsay Lohan as Abbey Chase


Anonymous said...

Megan Fox as Sydney Savage,.....Lindsay Lohan as Abbey Chase
you better check this out guys