Friday, April 23, 2010

'Avatar' Breaks Even More Records

I thought the days of writing about "Avatar" breaking all sorts of records (No. domestic film, No. 1 worldwide film, No. 1 several weeks in a row, etc.). were over.

But now that the film has come out on DVD and Blu-ray it's breaking records in that medium as well.

From 20th Century Fox comes the news that first day sales of "Avatar" on Blu-ray came in at 1.5 million units, beating out the previous record of 600,000 set by "The Dark Knight."

Just think about that for a second – "The Dark Knight" was one of the most popular movies we’ve ever seen and the amount of people who bought it first day on Blu-ray was quite amazing. But along comes "Avatar" and trumps Batman by more than DOUBLE that amount.

What kind of sucks for all those people who bought the film is that is the only thing they got. No commentaries, making-of featurettes, no special features at all.

For people who actually want to see those and the movie, they will have to wait for the already planned four-disc ultimate edition due out this November. So my advice is if you don’t want to pay twice for the same movie, then hold on to your hard-earned cash for that full release.

Hopefully my next post on anything "Avatar" will not be about that film and will be about news on the upcoming sequel.

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: Screen Rant


Mikey said...

That's exactly why I haven't bought it. I knew they'd double-dip for the DVD releases on this one.

Then there's also the question of the re-release of Avatar in theatres in August with supposedly more scenes. That version will probably be released next year so then they can triple-dip into people's pockets. Then we'll probably see the 3D DVD/Blu-Ray once more 3D T.V.s are in more homes. And on and on.

I liked the movie, but I still say it doesn't quite deserve all this. Yeesh.

Head Hero said...

I made the mistake of buying a DVD when the film first came out then slapping myself when a special edition came out.


But I digress - yeah, I'm sure there will be tons more "Avatar" releases in the upcoming years. Some 3D, some multiple discs, some bundled with a Na'vi doll, etc.