Monday, April 26, 2010

'Alien' Prequels, 'Ant-Man' and More

I have an exam I need to study for and loads more work to get done. But movie news never stops, so below I am providing a ton of links to several different news stories.

If you're interested in the topic, head over to those sites and read on. I'll go study and be back up to full speed on this blog as soon as I can.

"Alien Prequel"

News - there will be two prequels...and both in 3D.

Rope of Silicon
First Showing
The Geek Files
Screen Rant


News - Edgar Wright may be making the film after "The Avengers."

First Showing
MTV News

"Final Destination 5"

News - Even though the last one was supposed to be the end, it made enough money to warrant another sequel...again in 3D.

Latino Review
UGO Movie Blog
First Showing
Screen Rant

"Sherlock Holmes 2"

News - Guess what? It's going to be in 3D.

Screen Rant

"The Thing"

News - the prequel to John Carpenter's "The Thing" is paying close attention to detail and according to the screenwriter will lead perfectly into the original film.

Live for Films

"The Ring 3D"

News - the Japanese horror remake "The Ring" was successful enough to warrant a sequel, but now a third film is being planned to bring the franchise into the next dimension.

Screen Rant
First Showing
UGO Movie Blog

"Resident Evil: Afterlife"

News - Just some cool behind-the-scenes footage from Entertainment Weekly.

More news to come! Catch ya' later!

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