Saturday, April 24, 2010

Awesome 'Iron Man 2' Clips

Some pretty sweet clips of "Iron Man 2" have come online and are presented below for your viewing pleasure.

Suitcase Armor
Remember that wicked sweet ending to the latest "Iron Man 2" trailer where Stark puts on his suitcase armor? Well, here's about a full minute of that scene with Stark duking it out with Whiplash on the Monaco Race Track.

Thieves and Butchers
Taking place after the Monaco Race Track scene, Stark confronts new villain Whiplash and learns the two men have a dark history together.

Natalie Rushman
Stark is looking for a new secretary now that Pepper Potts is CEO of Stark Industries (more about that below) and finds an alluring one in Natalie Rushman. Little does he know what secrets she keeps - and hopefully Happy Hogan doesn't pick a fight with the Black Widow.

Pushing the boundaries on kid friendly with that modeling shot maybe?

Anthony, is that you?
Introducing Justin Hammer, Stark's least favorite person on Earth. Along for the ride is a familiar face from the first film along with some witty comments and the revelation that Pepper Potts is now CEO of Stark Industries.

Again - pushing the bondaries of kid friend;y with some of those comments maybe? Adults will love it (I know I do), but just saying...Aw what the hell, the kids won't get it anyway. Bring on the adult humor!

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Source: Rope of Silicon

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