Sunday, February 14, 2010

New 'Clash of the Titans' Featurette

Have a look at a pretty cool featurette for the action-adventure remake, "Clash Of The Titans" that stars Sam Worthington as Perseus, Liam Neeson as Zeus, Ralph Fiennes as Hades and features battles with familiar mythological creatures like Medusa and the Kraken.

The featurette focuses on the character side of things and has interviews with some of the movie’s stars telling us about Perseus, Zeus, Hades and all the rest of the major characters of the story. Unfortunately it doesn’t show us a lot of behind the scenes stuff during shooting scenes (although there is a little of that thrown in there) but it does feature some new footage not seen in previous trailers (including a better look at Medusa).

Although I’m not too happy that they’re converting "Clash of the Titans" to 3D (as opposed to the better option of shooting in the format from the start), I’m still looking forward to this movie.

What do you think of the featurette? Does you help get you more excited to see this film?

The film opens April 2, 2010.
More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: Latino Review, Screen Rant

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bandito said...

Definitely seeing this...