Tuesday, February 2, 2010

'Kick-Ass' Red Band International Trailer

We’ve already had a red band "Kick-Ass" trailer which focused specifically on Hit-Girl, but today a new one has appeared online. It starts from the top again, with the opening scene, and goes through all the introductions. So if you haven't heard anything about "Kick-Ass" yet, you can start here and get a taste of the bloody violence that this film will bring

"Kick-Ass" is about a teenager who one day decides to dress up in a costume, give himself a name (the titular Kick-Ass) and proceeds to try and beat the crap out of the bad guys in his town (often to no avail). His actions inspire others, including Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz), Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage).

This latest trailer is not as explicit as the previous red band trailer as it lacks the same amount of gore and swearing, but there is still tons of fun stuff to watch. There’s still violence, blood being spilled and Chloe Moretz throwing in a swear word or two (just wait for the end of the trailer!).

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-GB&from=sp&vid=df8e1600-9d67-47ce-9b2b-6171d203b64d" target="_new" title="Kick-Ass - Trailer">Video: Kick-Ass - Trailer</a>

"Kick-Ass" is both written and directed by British filmmaker Matthew Vaughn, of "Layer Cake" and "Stardust" previously. The story is an adaptation of Mark Millar's comic of the same name that is currently in the middle of its first series.

Lionsgate is bringing "Kick-Ass" to theaters on April 16.
More news to come! Catch ya' later!
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