Sunday, February 28, 2010

Box Office Results and Weekly Movie News

Movies coming out this week!

Alice in Wonderland - 19-year-old Alice (Wasikowska) returns to the magical world from her childhood adventure, where she reunites with her old friends and learns of her true destiny: to end the Red Queen's reign of terror.

Brooklyn's Finest - In Brooklyn, New York, three veteran cops (Gere, Hawke, and Cheadle) struggling with their own personal and professional dilemmas dispatched to a notorious housing project, where they will each collide with destiny.

Movies coming out on DVD and Blu-ray!

Where the Wild Things Are
Gentlemen Broncos

Box Office results for the weekend!

1 Shutter Island$22.2 M

2 Cop Out$18.5 M

3 The Crazies $16.5 M

4 Avatar $14.0 M

5 Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief $9.8 M

6 Valentine's Day $9.5 M

7 Dear John $5.0 M

8 The Wolfman $4.1 M

9 The Tooth Fairy $3.4 M

10 Crazy Heart $2.5 M

"Shutter Island" stayed at the top of the list as the No. 1 film, knocking off two newcomers and managing to earn decent coin while doing so. The Scorsese thriller has reached just over $79 million worldwide and will hopefully continue to do well since its budget was around $80 million.

Watching the trailers for "Cop Out" didn't make me feel good about the film, but I was still hoping to hear positive feedback from other critics. Sadly, I have heard only negative feedback. How long will it stay in the Top Ten if everyone keeps saying it's bad?

As for "The Crazies," everything I hear is good - that it is more than a remake, it is a whole horror reimagining. Besides, I just like Timothy Olyphant as an actor.

"Avatar" refuses to falter. That's eleven weekends in a row its been in the top four, a feat I'd have thought impossible these days. It has now passed $700 million in domestic dollars and is sitting pretty with a worldwide gross of $2,481,904,000. My keyboard just ran out of zeroes for the day.

The rest of the films continue to peter out with "The Wolfman" dropping like a rock and "Valentine's Day" somehow still staying above the surface. I have my theories on this, but I feel a wave of estrogen fury will come my way if I continue to mouth off - both online and off.

Next weekend, "Alice in Wonderland" tumbles into theaters and will most likely take the No. 1 spot.
(Latino Review, Rope of Silicon)


Mikey said...

"...a wave of estrogen fury..."--hilarious.

I'm still upset about The Wolfman failing so miserably, but I'm glad Shutter Island is making money. Because between that and The Crazies, there's actually a couple good movies out there right now. February was a pretty decent month for movies just because of that.

Still haven't seen Cop Out, either. The trailer just didn't make it look that funny to me. Maybe if Kevin Smith would have written (and not just directed)it, probably.

Head Hero said...

Fear the wave.

Troubles for "The Wolfman" might have been able to predict due to all those delays. Wonder how well it would have done if it came outback in October...?

And that same question goes for "Shutter Island" which was originally supposed to come out in October.

But "Shutter Island" pretty much opened with little competition.

Grr...starting to think too much into these things. Sometimes these numbers just happen.

As for "Cop Out," I was hoping. I happen to like most of Kevin Smith's work. He might go back to his own material after this one.