Thursday, February 4, 2010

Movie News Mash 30

Fast and Furious 5
Vin Diesel and Paul Walker have signed deals to return for a fifth film in the "Fast and Furious" street-racing series.

The Universal Pictures movie - so far known as "Fast Five" - will see Dominic Toretto (Diesel) and Brian O'Conner (Walker) as fugitives being pursued by relentless lawmen.

Director Justin Lin and writer Chris Morgan will be back to direct and write "Fast Five," respectively, after working on the third and fourth movies together.

The film will begin filming later this year for a 2011 release, says Variety.

Are you a fan of the "Fast & Furious" films? Are you looking forward to a new one? Anyone have a better title for it?
(Screen Rant, The Geek Files, Live for Films)

The Lost Symbol
Dan Brown's best-seller "The Lost Symbol" - the third book in his "Da Vinci Code" series - is to be turned into a film by Columbia Pictures.

British writer Steven Knight, whose screenplay for 2002's "Dirty Pretty Things" earned him an Oscar nomination, is to adapt the book, reports Variety.

Tom Hanks is expected to reprise his role as Robert Langdon who, in this latest tale, is summoned to Washington to decode the symbols of the Freemasons.

Even if "Angels & Demons" didn’t hit the same level of financial success that "The Da Vinci Code" did ($486 million and $758 million, respectively), the studio still has high hopes for "The Lost Symbol" movie. Neither Tom Hanks
nor director Ron Howard have signed on to star and direct again, but it’s likely they will after being given a very hefty checks.
(Screen Rant, The Geek Files)

Wanted 2
Mark Millar has been talking about the sequel to one of 2008's surprise hits, "Wanted", based upon his comic miniseries with artist J.G. Jones. The film, staring James McAvoy as Wesley Gibson and Angelina Jolie as Fox, made about $340 million worldwide on a budget of $75 million, making a sequel inevitable. And according to an interview by IGN with Millar, "Wanted 2" may finally be close to going in front of the cameras.

(Screen Rant, MTV News)

Superbowl TV Ads

Some movie TV spots for the Superbowl have been put online early. One is another look at "Shutter Island" while another is a look at Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood." My favorite though is the first glimpse at the action of M. Night Shyamalan’s "The Last Airbender." Dare I say that commercial is filed with epic awsomeness (though I am biased because I love the show).

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