Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ray Stevenson Talks About PlayingVolstagg in 'Thor'

Ray Stevenson, who made his mark playing Titus Pullo in the HBO's "Rome," will be joining the ranks of the Warriors Three in director Kenneth Branagh's "Thor" for Marvel Studios.

Also cast for the role of the Warriors Three alongside Stevenson are Stuart Townsend and Tadanobu Asano.

The Warriors Three play a supporting role in the Thor series and each of the three has their own distinct personality. Stevenson’s character, Volstagg is the comic relief, a heavy drinker and a loyal friend of Thor.

But Volstagg The Valiant is also Clumsy and large in size, but Stevenson isn't readying himself for a fat-filled diet to play the rotund character.

In an interview with Empire Online, Stevenson revealed that he'll have plenty of gut to show off in "Thor" thanks to the aid of a bodysuit.

"It's fantastic," Stevenson said. "I've tried the suit on, and what they've done is kind of sex him up: he's sort of slimmer but rounder."

Stevenson continued:"He's got every bit of that Falstaffian verve and vigour, and a bit of a beergut to suggest that enormous appetite, but he's not the sort of Weeble-shaped figure he is in the comics. He's Falstaff with muscles. I've got this amazing foam-injected undersuit that flexes with me. I can't wait!"

"Thor" is directed by Kenneth Branagh and stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tom Hiddleston as Thor’s half-brother/nemesis, Loki, Natalie Portman as Thor’s human love interest, Jane Foster, Anthony Hopkins as Thor’s father, Odin, Stellan SkarsgĂ„rd, Colm Feore, Jamie Alexander as Asgardian warrior/love interest, Sif and Idris Alba as the guardian Heimdall.

What do you think of Stevenson as Volstagg in the Warriors Three?

"Thor" storms into theaters on May 20, 2011.
More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: Screen Rant, MTV News

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