Thursday, July 8, 2010

Movie News Rush 19


The news - After seeing the "illegal" trailer from back in May, I definitely wanted to see more of this film. A newly released trailer does not disappointment with some awesome shots of Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez (and even some fights with Steven Seagal).

"X-Men: First Class" Students

The news - We have a growing list of new additions to the upcoming "X-Men" prequel. "A Single Man" and "Clash of the Titans" actor Nicholas Hoult will be taking on a the role of Hank McCoy/Beast, which originally belonged to Benjamin Walker (who has obviously not a attached to the film anymore).

Along with that news, Caleb Landry Jones ("No Country for Old Men") is confirmed to play Sean Cassidy/Banshee and Aaron Johnson ("Kick-Ass") is rumored to be locked in the role for Scott Summers/Cyclops. Another rumor is that of Lucas Till ("Hannah Montana: The Movie") in negotiations to play Alex Summers/Havok, the younger brother of Cyclops.

They will join James McAvoy as Professor Xavier, Michael Fassbender as Magneto and Alice Eve as Emma Frost. Other rumors surrounding the film include the possibility Amber Heard may play Mystique and Rosamund Pike may play Moira MacTaggert.

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"X-Men: First Class" Villain

The news - I just had to separate this from the other bit because this casting news is truly...unique. Deadline is reporting that Kevin Bacon is in talks to play the villain in the film. But what villain? Some rumors include Mr. Sinister or Sebastian Shaw. If this works out, an actor I never expected to see in a comic book film will be in one.

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"The Expendables"

The news - The countdown to the release of this summer’s male action star brawl, "The Expendables," kicks into gear this week with the release of the first of five featurettes that provide a look at the flick’s raw and bloody action scenes. This one takes a behind the scenes look at the shooting of the hostage scene shown in the trailers (and will most likely be early on in the film).

It offers a look at the sequence from both behind and in front of the camera and is actually a pretty decent featurette that actually shows more than just a lot of talking heads praising their work on the film (though there’s still plenty of that too). And there's even one slight tease showing off how this film is going to be rated R.

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"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"

The news - A neat behind-the-scenes featurette on the making of the film which shows off bits of the final battle that will most likely be in the second of this two-part epic.

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