Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wes Craven Returns for 'Scream 4'

Variety reports that director Wes Craven, along with writer Kevin Williamson and original cast members Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox Arquette, will all return for the fourth film in the referential horror film franchise.

Dimension Films is focusing on the continuation of one of its “most successful franchises,” and while it’s been ten years since the last installment of "Scream," anyone who went to the movies in the ’90s probably remembers the popularity of the original trilogy - or at least the first two parts of it.

Chronicling the story of a young woman with incredibly bad luck, the "Scream" movies were a sharp and satirical twist on the slasher flicks of the 80s. Given the changes in horror over the last ten years, it will be interesting to see whether or not Craven can pull off the same thing again, and whether or not "Scream 4" will be in 3D.

Besides the original "Scream" stars who are all slated to return, a new brood of young actors is reported to be making up the (dead) body of the cast. Though with each "Scream" film having a memorable and deadly opening, it is plausible the main cast might not live past the first few minutes.

With Kevin Williamson writing the script and the original director and leads signed on, hopefully the new trilogy will retain the spirit of the original while still going to new (and horrifying) places.

Craven will begin shooting "Scream 4" in the spring with an anticipated released date of April 15, 2011.
More news to come! Catch ya' later!
Sources: Screen Rant, UGO Movie Blog, Dread Central


Mikey said...

I think they sort of tied it up nice and neat at the end of Scream 3, but still...I can not wait for this. With the state of horror these days, hopefully this new trilogy will maybe inject some energy into the genre. And let's face it, there's a lot of material they could use for satire...with all the torture porn flicks, remakes and PG-13 horror movies that have become popular, for starters.

I'm just happy I'll get to see more Neve Campbell, honestly. You don't see too much of her these days. Hopefully they don't kill her off.

Head Hero said...

I'm trying to remember the last time I saw Neve Campbell now...I believe it was the musical "Reefer Madness" (which was just plain awesome...I think K Bell was in it too).

I admit to not remembering much about the third film in the franchise (it's been a long time). I will have to go watch the original trilogy again before this new film comes out.

My god...if they can make some jokes about "Saw" and other such films, that would be great.

Mikey said...

Finally someone that givess props to the Reefer Madness Movie Musical. Everyone I mention it to either has no clue what I'm talking about, or if they have seen it, they didn't think it was good. Losers.

Last thing I saw with Neve Campbell was "The Philanthropist" last year. I kinda liked it, so of course NBC went and cancelled it. I had the biggest crush on her back in her "Party of Five" days.

I'm glad that Kevin Williamson is coming back as the writer for the new Scream. He wrote the first two, and those are probably the best ones. You can definitely tell that Scream 3 was written by someone else--it's just not as entertaining or as fun as the earler ones.

Head Hero said...

The "Reefer Madness" musical movie was hilarious in my opinion. It is up there along with my other favorite musicals not because of the singing, acting or plot - it is just plain enjoyable to watch. Everything else adds to the epicness of it.

I think if the whole team wasn't returning to the franchise, no one would be getting as excited for the sequel as they are now.

It is really only because of those facts that I'm looking forward to a "Scream 4."