Saturday, March 6, 2010

3D Bonanza: More Films go to the Next Dimension

The new wave in blockbuster action cinema is almost upon us. Hate it or Love it, 3D films are now happening around us everyday. Who in the world could have given every major studio the notion that 3D equals buckets of money?

The easy answer is James Cameron and "Avatar," but he can only be held responsible for so much. Animated 3D movies aimed at children have been doing well for awhile - maybe because you can charge more money for tickets and kids see it as a gimmick.

James Cameron just proved you could do 3D for adults.

He didn't necessarily prove that just because you can you should, and the difference between a gimmick and a new tool for directors lies in the audience's tolerance of it.

"Avatar" was a game changer, but we're still playing the game. It's time to expect a shotgun approach that's shaping up to be something like Jason Bourne shaky cam or Bullet Time, except this one costs the theater-goer more money and makes the potential for electronics company to bring new products into your home - so this new trick isn't acting like a new tool.

Then again, I extend an open invitation to any of the below mentioned films to come slap the cynisim right out of me. Through my 3D glasses, of course.

Warner Bros is upping the ante by upgrading Zach Snyder's action-fantasy "Sucker Punch" up another dimension in time for it's March 25, 2011 release, and it's also giving Ryan Reynolds' superhero flick "Green Lantern" a boost to 3D for June 17, 2011.

So now Warner Brothers is going 3D crazy? I guess they're satisfied with the way "Clash of the Titans" turned out in 3D.

To be honest, this isn't all that surprising, but it could be considered exciting. We already know Hollywood is going 3D crazy, it just took a little while for Warner Brothers to join in.

Also on the list of films to go 3D is the upcoming "Alien" prequel that is set to be directed by Ridely Scott.

Shadow Locked spoke with Roger Christian (art director on "Star Wars" and "Alien") who mentioned that Scott's "Alien" prequel would be getting the 3D treatment.

Honestly, it was inevitable that we'd hear this sooner or later, since everything under the sun is going into the third dimension. So acid spit and chest splitting aliens will be flying right at our faces in the new installment.

Unfortunately, I think the studios are going to convert most of these movies to 3D in post-production and not shooting any of them in 3D from the start. Hopefully that kind of decision will backfire on some studios and cause them to shoot 3D the way it should be shot.

Any thoughts on all these films becoming 3D?

More news to come! Catch ya' later!
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