Friday, March 12, 2010

Hugo Weaving in talks to play Red Skull in 'Captain America'

While Marvel Studios and director Joe Johnston continue to review candidates for the leading role of "Captain America," the film's villain could be cast within a few days.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hugo Weaving is in talks to join the cast of "The First Avenger: Captain America" as the Red Skull, Captain America's archenemy since 1941.

The character's alter-ego is Johann Schmidt, a Nazi officer who was appointed Hitler's right-hand man and, donning a grotesque red mask, became head of wartime terrorism and espionage. In his final battle with Captain America, he was buried under the rubble of a bombed building but – as would occur later with the superhero – fell into a state of suspended animation. Both were revived in modern times.

Weaving is no stranger to playing the part of a villain, having previously portrayed the iconic Agent Smith in "The Matrix" trilogy, in addition to his turn as the voice of Megatron in both "Transformers" films. Weaving is also well known for his role as Elrond in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

While not yet finalized, we can expect an announcement regarding Hugo Weaving’s involvement (or lack thereof) to be made soon and hopefully that will come with news of who they select to play Steve Rogers as well.

Hugo's a great choice to play the villain no matter the movie and will be used to having his face covered with a mask since he played the costumed vigilante in "V for Vendetta." With him signed on board it will give the Red Skull some real weight. Now if only Marvel would hurry up and cast Cap we might possibly have ourselves a movie.

Director Joe Johnston last directed Weaving in "The Wolfman."

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Mikey said...

This would be awesome. Best news all week. Weaving plays a pretty damn good villain, so this would definitely get me pumped for the movie. Hopefully it will indeed be true.

And they really do need to cast Cap. Gettin' down to the wire a bit, methinks.

Head Hero said...

Cap was supposed to be cast in the beginning of March. Now we are three-fourths of the way through the month.

This is the first sign of things getting done for casting and if Hugo Weaving plays the Red Skull, I'm sure he could make him truly menacing.

But we need someone equally fit to be able to have Weaving as an adversary.