Thursday, May 6, 2010

Movie News Rush 3

I'm starting to think that this Movie News Rush thing may be the only kind of posting on here for some time since I am literally swamped with work until after the first week in June. And it's summer and I'm not in school - so I kind of wish I was back in school. Then I wouldn't be so darn busy (that's kind of twisted).

Release Dates

The news - here are some new release dates for some films I've been talking about on this blog.

"Mission Impossible IV" - December 16, 2011
"Rise of the Apes" - June 24, 2011
"Ice Age: Continental Drift 3D" - July 13th, 2012

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"Mission Impossible IV"

The news - while on the subject of the fourth "Mission Impossible" film, Brad Bird has been confirmed as director. Interesting choice since he has never done a live-action film before (he directed "The Iron Giant," "The Incredibles" and "Ratatouille."

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"Captain America: The First Avenger"

The news - besides the title being flipped, another villain has been added. Toby Jones ("The Mist," "W.") will play Arnim Zola, a genetic engineer who created clones and various other monstrosities for the Nazis. He also captured his own mental self, inserting it into a robot, and survived the war.

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"The Green Hornet"

The news - Director Michel Gondry discusses the film's 3D enhancement and how it will be used for something called "Kato-Vision."

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"Shrek: The Final Chapter 3D"

The news - first off, I have no idea when they changed the title of the film from "Shrek Forever After" to "Shrek: The Final Chapter," but whatever. Below is a featurette on the Pied Piper and a new trailer for the film.

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